pottery with Pascale, Jambers about transsexuality and hitchhiking through Europe

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‘Pascale’s scale’

‘It’s unbelievable what hype it is. It seems like everyone is making pottery.’ Presenter Kurt Rogers clearly frequents different circles than we do. In this brand new program he goes together with Pascale Naessens and her co-jurors Tortus and Rudie Delanghe looking for the best potter in Flanders.

At 20.35 on VTM

‘Jambers – Back to the 90s’

Between 1992 and 1998 Paul Jambers no fewer than 192 reports that caused quite a stir at the time and caused a lot of commotion. In the first episode ‘Jambers – Back to the 90s’, Paul looks back on his 1993 report on transsexuality, which was still a big taboo 30 years ago.

At 21.50 on VTM


Today marks the 50th anniversary of the death of 11 athletes in a deadly attack on the Israeli Olympic team during the Munich Games. One of them was André Spitzer. All the while his widow sought, Ankiein vain for answers to her many questions. Twan Huys intervened and was able to find out who Andre’s killer was. “He’s still proud of it.”

At 22.50 on Canvas

Pleistocene ParkImage VPRO

‘Pleistocene Park’

A Russian scientist and his son set out to combat global warming by replicating the ecosystem of the Ice Age mammoth steppe. They buy up as much livestock as possible that they then graze in their Pleistocene Park in Siberia. The hope is that the permafrost – which contains stored (greenhouse) gases – will thaw less quickly as a result. Crazy or genius?

At 23.15 on NPO 2

Arno the Kid and Gerben Tuerlinckx in ‘Drop Off’Image VTM

‘drop off’

TikTokker Gerben Tuerlinckx and YouTuber Arno The Kid (the brother of Average Rob) are dropped blind in Europe in this new ‘SHORTIE’ from VTM GO. They have ten days to return home, hitchhiking and without money. Every day the viewer can follow their adventure. What chores do they do to earn money? How do they move? ‘Since Covid, people don’t just take a stranger in their car, let alone two strangers. But oh well, it will work out.’

Can be seen on VTM GO . from 4 p.m

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