Sharp criticism of Meghan Markle’s speech: “It was a me, me, me speech. She praised herself”

Sharp criticism of Meghan Markle’s speech: “It was a me, me, me speech. She praised herself”
Sharp criticism of Meghan Markle’s speech: “It was a me, me, me speech. She praised herself”

It had been the Megxit in 2020 since we heard Meghan Markle speak on British soil. She did it again especially for the One Young World Summit, an event where young leaders come together. It just turned out differently than expected. According to royalty watchers, Prince Harry’s wife mainly talked about herself, but that was not the intention.

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Meghan Markle gave a speech at the One Young World Summit in Manchester to some 2,000 youth leaders from around the world. The speech was announced as a talk about gender equality, but after one anecdote about a woman who fled Eritrea, the subject was out of touch. Instead, she spoke undisturbed about herself. Markle shared how she first became involved with the organization in 2014. “In many ways I was probably a lot like you. I was young, ambitious and had to seize the moment,” he said.

She wondered how she had become successful and called herself the girl out suits that was suddenly invited to sit down with powerful leaders, prime ministers, humanitarian aides and activists. “I was so blown away by this experience, I think I even kept my little piece of paper with my name on it. It was proof that I was there, that I belonged. Because I wasn’t sure if I belonged,” she continued. She also praised her Prince Harry and mentioned the “life-changing” impact of becoming a mother. She also said she was delighted to be back in the UK, which many had previously met with skepticism.

The speech took a total of seven minutes, and in that time Markle managed to use the word “I” a whopping 54 times. That’s a lot, according to royalty watchers who analyze all her words. “It was a I i i-speech. She praised herself,” said Ingrid Seward, editor-in-chief of Majesty magazine at the sun. “I can’t imagine those in attendance understood what she was talking about. It made no sense. It was all about her and I don’t think she even knew what she was talking about.” Jesús Enrique Rosas, body language expert and observer of the British royal family, shared her full speech on Twitter and marked the word ‘I’ each time for illustration.

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