In ‘The repair shop’ value is not expressed in cents, but in sentiment

In ‘The repair shop’ value is not expressed in cents, but in sentiment
In ‘The repair shop’ value is not expressed in cents, but in sentiment

Elmo Lê van sets the gaze to infinity. Today: The repair shop.

Elmo Le vanSeptember 6, 202203:00

It would not surprise us that a wave of indignation reaches the ombudsman service of the VRT when it turns out that a new program is a reworking of something that was once successful abroad. That is not what taxpayers spend their hard-earned money for – they want programs built from Flemish clay, preferably with Niels Destadsbader in a double role as singer-animator.

It is understandable that the viewer thinks that after the Flemish this, the Flemish that, the Flemish sister and the Flemish like that, it may also be something that has not been fished up in the container park. In case of The repair shop the official in charge was even too lazy to run the full title of the BBC draft through Google Translate. But don’t blast a program in advance because of a lack of originality, so learns The repair shop U.S.


In a shed in Bokrijk, Danira Boukhriss Terkessidis receives people who have family heirlooms taken care of by craftsmen. During the first episode Erik proudly handed over “a gem” of which it was not clear at first sight whether it was a wreckage of the Titanic or a piece of furniture from his grandmother. Furthermore, a painting, a porcelain rooster, a clock, a transistor radio and another piece of furniture were reviewed. All in such a deplorable condition that even a thrift store wouldn’t house them. But they are not knick knacks; they are articles whose value was not expressed in cents, but in sentiment.

In times of Pieces of people and The best offer it’s refreshing to see a program that doesn’t bicker about the price of antiquities, but focuses on the story behind an object. “Thank you, thank you, thank you”, Frederik stammered as he took delivery of the painting that reminded him of his partner, whom he had lost after a gas explosion. “A liberation”, he called it, fighting back tears. The repair shop trades in Real Emotions.


‘s customers The repair shop are looking for a form of comfort and in that search they end up with the craftsmen, who have a major role to play. Upholsterer Julie, mechanic Wolfgang, ceramics expert Melissa, leatherworker John, watchmaker Elke, woodworker Nathalie and restorer Bart are the craftsmen who leave you with a feeling of guilt after every episode: apparently there are still people who use their time usefully, rather than spend hours in the comment section on Facebook.

The repair shop is beautiful, genuine, heartwarming television. Sometimes that is enough. Not everything has to be groundbreaking.

The repair shopevery Monday at 9:30 p.m. on One.

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