First dropout Expedition takes team back: ‘If you screw me, I’ll get you’

First dropout Expedition takes team back: ‘If you screw me, I’ll get you’
First dropout Expedition takes team back: ‘If you screw me, I’ll get you’

Note: This article contains spoilers about the second episode of Expedition Robinson.

The episode starts with writer Marion Pauw, who doesn’t feel very comfortable in team purple. She makes banana tea for her teammates, but they mainly make fun of her. “I feel like I’m becoming more and more invisible,” Marion says several times.

So she decides to take a different tack. “I write thrillers. I think in murder plots, I have to make use of that.” She immediately has the idea to make it look like Rose Bertram is the weakest link in her team. “He’s afraid of everything.” Then she tells her camp mates that she was awakened in the night by a very large rat that walked by her sleeping place. “Everyone fell for it,” Marion laughs.

Because team orange wins a duel between the three teams, they do not have to appear in the immunity test. There, team green and purple compete against each other. In the end, green wins and team purple, with Marion, has to go to the island council. Before that, Marion tries to persuade some teammates to vote for Rose just like her.

On the island council it soon becomes apparent that this is in vain. Everyone votes for Marion, except herself of course. “You are really very good, Niels. I really believed you. You can act really well,” she tells camp mate Niels. When she says goodbye to her camp mates, Marion quickly confesses that it’s no surprise that she has to go home. “Also a bit of bad luck that you end up in a camp where you don’t find much connection in a natural way. Then you just don’t stand a chance.”

In this season of Expedition Robinson something new is being introduced again: the license. Nicolette explains what it means. “The team that is in camp West: they can choose a maximum of two people from the camp who can appear on the island council to strengthen their team. I have two faces here. If you are part of that, you will return to the expedition tomorrow morning.” Unfortunately, Marion turns out not to be chosen by team orange, which is at camp West. “What a shame,” she says.

Then, when Nicolette and Rick tell her she can go, Marion has something to say. “One thing: I did bring their pineapple, bananas and cassava in my backpack…” Nicolette is startled and Rick immediately gets a wide grin on his face. “You already felt the mood hanging?” he asks Marion. “I really think: yes, I’m sorry. I’m a thriller writer. I think in murder plots. If you’re going to screw me, I’ll get you back”, Marion replies. “I also thought: imagine, I have to go to waste island or something, then I must have something to eat, right?” Unfortunately for Marion, there is no dropout island this year. And so she is the first dropout from the Expedition.

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