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Ziggo makes its Next Mini media box available for all its TV subscriptions. This media box is smaller than the current Next media box and has no coax connection. The Next Mini was previously available with Ziggo’s cheapest subscriptions.

Ziggo reports that the Next Mini will be available from Monday 5 September with all TV subscriptions that the provider offers. The media box has been offered with Ziggo’s TV Start subscriptions since April 19. These are the cheapest plans that the provider offers. Ziggo customers could also purchase the Next Mini as an extra media box for a second or third television. From now on, the Next Mini also comes standard with the more expensive Complete and Max subscriptions. Ziggo previously said that existing customers can exchange their Next media box for a Mini. This costs 19.95 euros in activation costs.

Like the existing Next media box, the Next Mini supports 4k resolutions, but does not have a coax connection. The Next Mini instead uses an internet connection to watch television and therefore must be connected with an Ethernet cable or a Wi-Fi connection. The media box is also a lot smaller than the current Next decoder and is more energy efficient. According to Ziggo, the box consumes 2.9W as standard in standby mode or 3.9W with an HD broadcast. In eco mode it takes 20 seconds to start up and consumes 0.5W in standby and 3.9W when watching an HD broadcast. The Next Mini has a single HDMI 2.0a connection.

Power consumption Next Mini media box
Mode Start-up time Consumption standby Consumption HD broadcast
Quick start 5 seconds 2.9W 3.9W
slow start 10 seconds 0.9W 3.9W
Eco Mode 20 seconds 0.5W 3.9W

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