Nostalgia starts autumn with renewed news bulletins and new voices

Astrid Philips is back with her morning block. — © Nostalgia

Nostalgia not only looks back with satisfaction at Beach Radio and the Beach Festival with more than 25,000 visitors. The radio station also looks ahead to the new season. There are new voices in the peak programs and new radio bulletins.

The morning traditionally starts with Astrid Philips. It gets a new voice, with Larissa Roose. She was interviewer and co-host of the last Beach Festival, and is making the switch from sister channel NRJ. Nostalgia editor-in-chief Bart Van Langenhove will also join us again from 6 to 9 o’clock. In the evening rush hour, a new voice will sit next to Bjorn Verhoeven with Michaël Joossens. Joossens makes his switch to the channel after passing through MNM and NRJ.

Astrid (left center) gets Larissa on board, Bart Van Langenhove also stays on post. Bjorn Verhoeven (photo right, left) presents the evening rush hour together with Michaël Joossens. — © Nostalgia

The news gets the listeners in News in 1-2-3. From 6 a.m., three messages full of current affairs can be heard every half hour. “At Nostalgie, the music takes precedence, but we want to inform our listeners about what is happening in Flanders and the world,” says Van Langenhove. “You get all the relevant news in 1-2-3. That is quite a challenge for a news editor. But after a thorough preparation and the necessary tests, I am very happy that we can now offer this innovative and fast way of informing.”

It News in 1-2-3 starts in the morning show, and later expands to the rest of the day’s programming.

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