Gert Verhulst starts his new talk show ‘The table of four’

Take a look at what is really going on in Flanders. That’s what Gert Verhulst in his new talk show The table of four want to do. After Gert late night with James Cooke by his side, he now does it solo, more seriously and soberly.

Eva De Poorter

Today at 04:00

No crazy stunts. No silly frills. Do ask pressing questions to the four guests of the day. That’s the purpose of the new talk show The table of four on Play4. The host of the evening is Gert Verhulst every time. From Monday to Thursday he invites four guests who, based on their role or link with current affairs, take a topic to the studio at the Vlaamse Kaai in Antwerp. The Zuiderkroon has been appropriately renamed Play South.

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Verhulst promises to ask the questions that others often don’t dare to ask, but do find their way to the breakfast table, social media or the workplace. In the meantime, he polls for the different opinions behind the facts, without mincing himself. Every day there is a main guest at the table flanked by three additional guests with expertise, insights, opinions, frustrations, humor, character, talent and so much more, it sounds in the press release.

Not just serious topics

“I’m really excited to finally be on live every night from 20 pm The table of four to sit down,” says Verhulst. “It is quite a challenge, and it will certainly take time. I am very aware of that. It will also be tough to be full of current affairs every day, always inviting new guests. But we have our strong editorial team that is 200 percent committed to making a top program. Through my participation in The smartest person in the world I now follow the news even more than usual. That can count as preparation. We really go in search of what is going on in Flanders and discuss the current affairs of the day. And that certainly does not always have to be serious, because lighter topics are also discussed.”

Verhulst previously presented for eight seasons Gert late night. First on his boat, later – because of corona – in a more spacious studio. Then he also had James Cooke by his side. It is no longer there this time. Also the playful sections and the stunts that Gert late night typified are absent.

Table of four, Play4, Monday to Thursday at 8pm

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