MNM starts with a super early morning show: “Waiting at 2.30 am? Gladly!”

MNM starts with a super early morning show: “Waiting at 2.30 am? Gladly!”
MNM starts with a super early morning show: “Waiting at 2.30 am? Gladly!”

Manu is from Ostend and has just graduated. — © MNM

MNM will broadcast from Monday at 4 o’clock in the morning. Young radio talent Manu Van Acker (23) will start the day early from September 5 with Wake up with Van Acker, a pre-morning show for early risers or extreme night owls. Unchristian early but… “yet I took it right away”, says Manu.

Previously, they woke up at 6 am at MNM, now two hours earlier. “I’m not completely unshoeed on the ice. Last season I did the night once a week, but then from midnight to 2 am,” explains Van Acker. “When the question recently came up for the block from 4 to 6 hours, I hardly had to think about it. Just because the craving big.” It is the first time that MNM has done this, and the young presenter as a school leaver wants to grab this opportunity with both hands. “I want to build an audience in that time slot.”

This super early block cannot be compared with the ultra late block that Van Acker presented last season. “Then you get people on the phone who are still awake, while there are now many listeners who have an early work shift. Wake up with Van Acker will be a program in which I have a lot of contact with other early birds.” An important aspect of the program is that it will thank those who work at night, “because they ensure the comfort of others during the day. Just think of a baker. But we also thank someone who was able to help a person with bicycle trouble overnight.”

Getting up extremely early wouldn’t be a problem for him either. “Did you know it’s harder for me to just get out of bed at 8am? Sounds strange, but when the alarm goes off in the middle of the night I immediately frolic out of bed. A few hours later I can do that much less. I hate getting up late.”

Good advice

If you’re wondering where you know Van Acker’s face from; thanks to Rik Verheye he had a small role in uncles. Think of the scenes in the supermarket, in which he portrayed the cashier behind actress Isabelle van Hecke. He comes from Ostend and has just graduated from the RITCS. “I live in Brussels and have to get out at 2.30 am. Afterwards, I do the preparation for the next broadcast during the day. In the late afternoon at 6 pm, while everyone is still alive, I crawl back into bed. That is already the plan. You also have people who work through the night and then close their ‘day’. It will become clear from next week.”

Has the radio voice consulted other radio presenters? “Absolute. Their advice was clear: structured and healthy living. I want to stick to that, because I want to do this well.”

Inevitably, the job has a major impact on his social life. “And let me just be a social animal. I like to go to a cafe in the evening, but there won’t be room for that during the working week. That realization hurt a bit. Oh well, from now on it will be lunch dates with my friends.”

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