Brabant cosiness hard to find in Mr. Visser: ‘Lie that you burst’

Brabant cosiness hard to find in Mr. Visser: ‘Lie that you burst’
Brabant cosiness hard to find in Mr. Visser: ‘Lie that you burst’

mr. Frank Visser makes a statement kicks off the new season on Thursday evening with a nice old-fashioned neighbor dispute in Raamsdonkveer. The 77-year-old Johan has been living there for 45 years in his rented house in a nice working-class neighbourhood. Nothing but Brabant cosiness you would think, but appearances are deceiving. From the moment his neighbors have placed a garden house in their garden, it is completely done with all the fun. Because not only does Johan now look out on a hideous construction, it has also been built on top of their joint path, so that Johan can no longer carry out maintenance on his garage.

“I don’t think it looks like it. And if there is no solution, I’ll go get them from my garage myself. And if it happens to be under it, I’ll drop such a plate,” he threatens about the plates which the neighbor has attached to his roof – which he knew nothing about, by the way. Johan only discovered after his vacation that his neighbors had built a few things. He therefore wants his roof to be free again and for the house to move sixty centimes.

The neighbors in question, Ad and Carola, don’t really understand all the complaining from their neighbor. According to them, the garden shed – let’s say a house – is perfectly fine there and the neighbor should stop with his eternal nagging and whining. According to the two, the neighbor can not blame them either because it was not they, but the housing construction that lifted the path. “He just wants to play the king of the street,” they share their annoyances.

They are also tired of the neighbor’s electric gate that ‘rages like a tin bucket’. “Now that he’s going to make demands, we’re going to do the same.”

Meanwhile, the soft G of conviviality is hard to find and it is high time that Mr. Visser comes by to resolve the conflict once and for all. But because Johan has waited 20 years to complain about the path, the case is barred. Ultimately, there are no winners, because Mr. Frank Visser can do very little about the nuisance and complaining of Johan and that is why he rejects everything. “You can now continue with a clean slate. Let each other live in peace”, the judge advises.

mr. Frank Visser makes a statement can be seen every Thursday at 8.30 pm on SBS6. Watch the episode here.

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