VIEWING RATINGS. ‘The mole’ back at number one (and something stands out)

VIEWING RATINGS. ‘The mole’ back at number one (and something stands out)
VIEWING RATINGS. ‘The mole’ back at number one (and something stands out)

Gilles De Coster. — © Play media

A new leader in the top ten from March 18 to 24, including all postponed viewers. But that does not mean that VRT1’s Sunday evening is no longer popular.

The mole immediately takes first place, but the viewing figures are particularly striking. That is exceptionally high, especially for a starting episode. Even more: it’s the best start ever. In recent years, only two episodes have performed better: each time the finals of the corona years 2020 and 2021. The second episode of March 31 did not experience any decline, it seems that Gilles De Coster is having a very strong season. Almost at the same time, the police series also appears Juliet fine to march. With another million viewers, a second season seems certain, although no new recordings have been planned yet.

For the umpteenth time, VRT1 takes almost the entire top ten. VTM relies on a few top players to keep things straight, but interest in other titles is very tepid. Jumped blindly barely exceeds 250,000 viewers, and the fiction series The crack gets a lot less. Still left on the shelf a little too long.

Growing and Blossoming immediately falls out of the top ten and reaches 754,860 viewers. But that is still a good figure for a series that received considerable criticism. And even more good news for cast & crew: last Saturday’s episode was well viewed, and a further decline seems to have been averted. Would the series be the surprise of the spring after all? The dream factory closed the season with 684,669 viewers and a 40 percent market share. A second season has already been announced.


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