“What are you doing to all those children?”

“What are you doing to all those children?”
“What are you doing to all those children?”

In A house full of emigrates large families follow their dreams. Johan and Janneke Jelies leave their beloved Tollebeek for the Spanish coast and Ivan and Linda Kraan go to Luxembourg with the children.

And Johan and Janneke’s plans in particular stand out to viewers. They are quite optimistic and of course a lot of things go wrong. It’s almost reminiscent of an episode of I leave.

Chaotic moving plans

The Jelies family wants to emigrate in three months, but they do not yet have a home in Spain. In fact, they have yet to start looking. Viewers also notice that Johan’s biggest dream is to go to the Spanish sun. Janneke is especially looking forward to the groceries, which are a lot cheaper.

Viewers wonder whether this is a wise choice for the 11-member family. “Yes, Janneke, groceries are cheaper in Spain, but wages are also much lower,” notes a viewer. Another calls ‘pa Jelies’ overestimation cringe-worthy’.

A house full of emigrates can be seen every Friday at 9:30 PM on KRO-NCRV on NPO 1.

More celebrities have the dream of moving to Spain. Former politician Henk Krol already announced that he would run a B&B with his husband in Spain. But now the plans appear to have changed slightly. Entertainment journalist Matthijs Albers tells you all about it.

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February 3, 2024

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