These are the finalists of Stars On Stage | RTL Boulevard

These are the finalists of Stars On Stage | RTL Boulevard
These are the finalists of Stars On Stage | RTL Boulevard

In the semi-finals, Michel Mulder, Glen Faria, Susanna Klibansky and Emma Heesters do their utmost to reach the final. They give everything and it shows. One after another five stars are awarded by the jury.

Michel Mulder sings the well-known song Beauty And The Beast with musical star Gaia Aikman. It is a beautiful duet and Michel only receives five stars from the jury. Also Susanna Klibansky, who Love Is An Open Door sings with Milan van Waardenburg, gets the maximum score. “It was really a challenge,” she says of her performance.

The person who almost gets the maximum score is Emma Heesters. Despite her great singing, the jury lacks the acting that a musical star should have. She sings When You Believe with Nandi van Beurden. Because she has fewer stars than Michel and Susanna, she has to perform in The Final Curtain together with Glen Faria, because he also falls short of a direct place in the final. He has Let’s Stay Together of The Tina Turner Musicalstar Nyassa Alberta performed.

Emma and Glen both have to This Is The Moment to sing. And they do it fantastically, according to jury member Albert Verlinde. “It was for both of you this is the momentso respect!” But the audience is unrelenting and sends Emma to the final with 71% of the votes. As a result, she, together with Michel and Susanna, managed to secure the final places. All that remains for Glen is a final bow. “This has been an awesome journey for me,” he says.

The final of Stars On Stage see you next Friday at 8 p.m. on RTL 4.

Are you curious how Glen looks back on the adventure? You can see it in Offstage, the aftertalk of the program.

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