How much do celebrities get paid for participating in TV programs?

How much do celebrities get paid for participating in TV programs?
How much do celebrities get paid for participating in TV programs?

“You do indeed receive compensation for that, a salary actually,” says Luuk, who participated in 2021. The Masked Singer as the Alien, confirm. He also thinks that is ‘more than justified’. “You spend quite a long time preparing,” he says about the rehearsals and shooting days. “And you’re on television, so that’s also part of what you get paid for.” The fact that celebrities may have to give up other jobs for this participation also contributes to this. “You have to make time. Many people, for example, are freelancers or are hired to participate in such a program.”

2500 euros? No, how much Luuk got paid for The Masked Singer, he leaves it in the middle. Rob, who as a former participant, lets go that celebrities at The Traitors receive a ‘standard compensation’, be aware that the compensation depends on ‘what you have to pay for it’. “So as soon as you can explain: this is what it costs me to participate, then you can discuss it.”

Luuk is sure that Chantal Janzen would get paid more than, well, Luuk Ikink. Although Rob has his doubts about that. “Well, I don’t think Chantal Janzen would get anything at all, because she has an exclusive contract with RTL.”

For weeks of starving yourself on an island in front of the whole Netherlands, bingo: Expedition Robinson, everyone gets compensation. “I sometimes understood that you… Expedition You will receive 10,000 euros for your participation,” Rob reveals. “That will not increase or decrease until the merger. After that you will receive 1,000 euros per day.” After a quick calculation, the gentlemen conclude that you can earn 31,000 euros by making it to the end of the expedition.

That’s why Rob can easily imagine that you go home feeling homesick on day one. “Then ten more starving people come after you, who haven’t received a cent more than you, while you’re already lying with your fat ass in the pool in Bali.”

What about Who is the mole? at the public broadcaster? You don’t seem to get anything for that, Rob knows. “I also think it’s nice that as a program you maintain that it is an honor,” says Luuk about this financial situation at the AVROTROS program.

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