This is how ‘MAFS’ participants Erik and Gerben know each other

This is how ‘MAFS’ participants Erik and Gerben know each other
This is how ‘MAFS’ participants Erik and Gerben know each other

Oops, expert mistake!

Remarkable story

In the ninth season of Married at first sight viewers were now able to meet all the participating couples. Erik and Gerben are the last to tie the knot and they have a remarkable story.

Erik and Gerben

Erik and Gerben appear to have met each other before. “This season’s gay couple has a very special story. So special that the experts had never experienced it before,” said sexologist and MAFSexpert Eveline Stallaart previously in an interview with RTL boulevard.


During the last conversation with the experts, just before the wedding, Gerben shared the striking news. He admitted that he was dating shortly before the filming. Quite coincidentally, he discovered that his date was also in the preliminary rounds of that program. The two decided (also at the request of MAFS) to break contact. At that moment, Erik and Gerben did not yet know that they had been matched.


When they meet at the altar, they immediately recognize each other and they both laugh loudly. The extraordinary registrar notices that something is going on between the men and asks: “What is happening here?” The men first start laughing loudly and then Erik tells them how it is. “We dated once,” he says honestly. What a coincidence! He also says that they had agreed that if it was in MAFS nothing would work out for them, they would meet again for a drink after the last episode. “But that is not necessary now, because it is already here.”

It sounds like the beginning of a romantic fairy tale. Of course, the question remains whether the two will really find love together. Time will tell. We are curious!

Sexologist Eveline Stallaart opens up about herself and Dutch people in general in the field of sex:

Source: Married at first sight, RTL Boulevard

February 2, 2024

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