‘The only one who asks the right questions’

‘The only one who asks the right questions’
‘The only one who asks the right questions’

Jeroen Pauw entered last night Sophie & Jeroen in conversation about the report on inappropriate behavior at the NPO. And viewers praise his sharp and listening interview technique.

Also with Sophie & Jeroen the report on the NPO was discussed. Several guests sat down at the table to discuss this.

The committee spoke, among other things, of physical intimidation. Grab by the throat, pull over the table and push it to the ground. BNNVARA director Suzanne Kunzeler agrees that she too heard those examples. She also mentions the name of Matthijs van Nieuwkerk and the behavior DWDD.

Sophie & Jeroen table discuss transgressive behavior

Fanny van der Reijt and Tamar Bot van de Media girls both worked in the editorial offices of the NPO. They recognize a lot from the report, things they also experienced in editorial offices. Just like Marijn de Vries, journalist and former NOS employee, who previously wrote about the transgressive behavior at the NOS.

MAX director Jan Slagter also responded to the report. He is presented with bullying behavior, intimidation, sexism and discrimination. He disapproves of a lot. “But if it just happens to make a comment in a group and someone just means it as a joke, it can come across as hurtful to someone else, while you don’t realize it yourself. And if you say, ‘Shut up?’. Then I don’t consider that intimidation. I think that’s really nonsense.” And the Sophie & Jeroen-tafel apparently does not agree with his words.

Viewers praise interviewer Jeroen Pauw

Pauw hears all the stories as an interviewer. He receives a lot of praise Sophie & Jeroen-viewers. They praise his interview technique and critical, but also listening way of interviewing. Viewers appear to be impressed by him and praise the fact that he took over the role of Khalid Kasem. “Absolutely a professional,” “Compliments” and “Gets to the heart of the matter,” write viewers on X.

You can watch Sophie & Jeroen again via NPO Start.

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