The first ‘Married at first sight’ marriage is already in doubt

The first ‘Married at first sight’ marriage is already in doubt
The first ‘Married at first sight’ marriage is already in doubt

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In Wednesday evening’s episode, Malou revealed that he does not see a future with Sarath. “Really, on paper you would be the ideal partner for me, but I’m not in love with you and I’m never going to be.”

Sarath and Malou’s wedding party

Malou and Sarath’s wedding was one big party. There was dancing, laughing and a lot of talking. As much fun as it all was, Malou noticed on the first evening that she needed some time for herself. And so she retreated, leaving Sarath alone at the bar.

Honeymoon to Finnish Lapland

In good spirits, the two then traveled to Finnish Lapland, the place where their honeymoon would start. However, it soon became clear that there would be little talk of a romantic trip. Malou had something on her mind and she had to share it with Sarath. He was not aware of any harm and even spoke of a slight crush. “I don’t feel very well. I actually want more space,” was Malou’s message.

Although Sarath was taken aback for a moment, he showed understanding for his new wife. With a little patience, the two would eventually get there, he thought and hoped. Malou also seemed to think so. “I really believe we are a match,” she told him. “I just miss certain things. And I really need to discuss that with an expert: how do I deal with that?”

Wasn’t honest in ‘Married at first sight’

Anyone who thought that Malou was relieved after the frank conversation was wrong. The Gelderland blonde had not been completely honest with her husband, as she confessed in front of the cameras of the dating program. And so there was no other option than to start the conversation again. “I don’t feel like I’ve been honest with you. Not completely honest,” Malou began her story. “I don’t feel it. That fire in me isn’t going to be lit. And if I don’t feel it now, I won’t feel it after so many weeks of us discovering each other. Sorry.”

Thrown off the roller coaster

Once again, Sarath from Limburg was understanding, although he admitted that her revelation took some time to get through to him. “You may have been at it for a while, but this is like being thrown off that roller coaster at all speed,” he responded, visibly affected. And, Sarath wondered, how honest was Malou actually in the previous conversation? Malou had an answer to that: she had the feeling that she still had to keep some cards close to her chest, even though she had already given away a number of cards.

Malou pulls the handbrake

There was really no future between the two, Malou emphasized. She still had the feeling that Sarath thought something romantic could blossom. That’s partly why she decided to put all her cards on the table. “It felt to me like: no, no, no, I wasn’t clear.”

Sarath gets bad news

Malou’s words slowly started to get through to Sarath, making him unable to hold back his tears. Malou also started to sob. “I wish I had that one button. Really, on paper you would be the ideal partner for me, but I’m not in love with you and I’m never going to be. I’m not going to fake that either.”

Despite Malou’s revelation, experts still seemed to have hope that something will change between the two. That is why it was decided in consultation not to immediately throw in the towel. Whether Malou and Sarath will ultimately find each other in love will become clear in the next episodes.

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February 1, 2024

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