this actress makes her long-awaited comeback in ‘Familie’


‘Familie’, one of the longest-running soaps on Flemish television, is preparing for a long-awaited comeback: in the spring of 2024, VTM viewers will welcome Stefanie Coppens back to the story, played by Jasmijn Van Hoof (32).

Stefanie Coppens aka Jasmine Van Hoof is back! The 32-year-old actress took off the ‘Familyclosed behind him after nine years to explore other horizons. A door that always remained ajar and has now blown open again. Much to the delight of all colleagues on set and the many fans of the popular character Stefanie Coppens. Stefanie will be back at the Coppens home in the spring of 2024, ready for many new adventures.

Jasmijn Van Hoof as Stefanie Coppens in ‘Familie’ on VTM. © VTM

‘Stefanie has to find her place again’

Van Hoof is already very enthusiastic about her comeback, although it was also a surprise for the Antwerp actress that she would reprise her old role in the VTM soap. ‘Over the past two years I have mainly worked in the culinary sector, a career change that I was very curious about at the time and which I thoroughly enjoyed. But the itch to return to acting became too great,” he said.

The itch to return to acting became too great.

Van Hoof only thinks it is positive that many new faces have appeared in ‘Familie’ in the past two years. ‘There is a cheerful, fresh vibe in the studios with all that new young violence. This means that Stefanie now belongs to a different generation and she will have to do some searching to find her place again in “Family” land.’

Jasmijn Van Hoof was back on the set of ‘Familie’ last week for the first time in two years. © VTM

Fortunately, things are different for Van Hoof. The actress was welcomed back to the set in Lint for the first time last week, and immediately felt at home again. ‘After my first day of shooting it seemed like I had never been away. I wonder what else Stefanie will experience!’

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