this is the first candidate to participate

this is the first candidate to participate
this is the first candidate to participate

In ‘Across the Ocean’, six well-known Flemish people take up the challenge of crossing the Atlantic Ocean with a sailing boat. It is not yet known who will participate in the brand new season, although the first participant who will venture out to sea for a month was announced yesterday.

Last year, James Cooke, Annelien Coorevits, Ella Leyers, Gert Verheye, Élodie Ouédraogo and Jonas Geirnaert were allowed to put on their best sea legs in ‘Over The Ocean’. After a beautiful, but sometimes brutal journey, the six BVs managed to reach the other side of the Atlantic Ocean with the help of Captain Piet and First Mate Willem.

Gert’s Table

This year too, there will be a new season of ‘Across the Ocean’ and six well-known Flemish people will once again be challenged at sea. It is not yet clear who the candidates are, although one revealed her participation on Monday evening in ‘De Tafel Van Gert’.

When Gert Verhulst says ‘I’m glad you’re still here, because you’re leaving, aren’t you?’ former Miss Belgium Celine Van Ouytsel answers with great pride that she will spend a month at sea. ‘That’s going to do me good, especially now back to basics!’

But when Gert fishes for the other participants, Celine remains tight-lipped. “I can’t reveal that yet!”

It is not yet clear when the third season of ‘Over The Ocean’ will be released.

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