‘Yvon Jaspers really has to ask himself whether this part of Farmer Wants a Woman is still possible’ | Show

‘Yvon Jaspers really has to ask himself whether this part of Farmer Wants a Woman is still possible’ | Show
‘Yvon Jaspers really has to ask himself whether this part of Farmer Wants a Woman is still possible’ | Show

Podcast BZV CaféAfter weeks of doubt and modest flirting, the first farmers have made their final choice. For farmer Piet, this moment was somewhat clumsy, but he could count on a relaxed reaction from Gea who had to go home. However, at the other kitchen tables we painfully saw hearts breaking and tears being shed. “Yvon Jaspers really has to ask himself whether this part is in farmer seeks wife still possible.”

In the podcast AD BZV Café TV columnist Angela de Jong and presenter Manuel Venderbos discuss the latest developments in the foreign edition of farmer seeks wife. This week, AD colleague Charlene Heezen will join us.

Gea’s sporty and sweet reaction was a relief for both farmer Piet and the viewer, but Yvon could not resist digging further into Gea’s emotional response to her rejection. The presenter did the same digging with the romantic candidates who were thanked for coming by farmer Richard in Slovenia and Haico in Denmark. “I’m having more and more difficulty with how to approach the moment of choice Farmer seeks wife expires,” says Angela de Jong. “The way in which the feelings of these women are first milked and then they are rejected in a kind of tribunal setting. Although it has always been this way, in 2023 it feels increasingly uncomfortable to see how the feelings of these women are being tampered with.”

The departure of the open-hearted Ellen in the rain, after Haico, despite their chemistry, chose the cooler, more difficult to understand Jasmijn, was painful. The disappointment of Marijke, who tried to keep her cool when hearing Richard’s choice for Robin, also gave the panel a stomach ache. It remains to be seen whether Claudia and Bernice’s moment of choice will result in the same inconvenience next week. Although Claudia already expressed her preference for Paul in Normandy, René still leaves her with doubts. A decision also seems far away for Bernice in Sweden. “But maybe she should just send all the men home and go on a city trip with her mother,” De Jong concludes.

Furthermore, Paul (from Boerin Claudia) causes a marital quarrel at presenter Manuel Venderbos’s home and Angela and Charlene answer the pressing life question ‘Schatje or Stoertje?’

In short: Listen to it AD BZV Café, every Sunday at 9:20 PM, right after farmer seeks wife, with regular guest TV columnist Angela de Jong. The presentation is in the hands of Manuel Venderbos.

Ellen, farmer Haico and Jasmijn. © KRONCRV / KRO-NCRV

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