Which celebrity is hidden behind the suit of the Bunch of Grapes in The Masked Singer 2023?


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Hints and clues about De Druiventros

The Druiventros also made an appearance in the first episode of this season. Whose alter ego is the purple-green fruit piece? The French-looking buddy says he has ‘a nice track record’ and ‘likes to sing along to a tune’.

The confirmed hints:

  • The hints are gone this season, but we still got some more valuable information from the question the panel got to ask. When asked whether De Druiventros had ever worked for the (AVRO)TROS, the answer was a clear ‘no’.

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The Masked Singer 2023 – episode 1

Who is De Druiventros in The Masked Singer 2023?

In the first episode, the audience immediately went for names such as Bert van Leeuwen, Ilja Gort and Martien Meiland. Rightly so, because… *spoiler alert* it also concerned Bert van Leeuwen.

You should have known this from the hint ‘fruit bowl’ which refers to his many (grand)children, a lion’s head and of course there were plenty of hints as well The Family Dinner. By the lemonade (referring to the famous limousine) until the verdict ‘Adding water to the wine’ which points out all the arguments he has had to solve. To top it all off, it said somewhere ’60 that refers to Bert’s year of birth.


Bert van Leeuwen in The Masked Singer 2023

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