the reboot of Frasier gets the necessary momentum after a few episodes

the reboot of Frasier gets the necessary momentum after a few episodes
the reboot of Frasier gets the necessary momentum after a few episodes

Kelsey Grammer returns after 19 years as Dr. Frasier in the sitcom of the same name.Image Paramount+

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Frasier Crane is back in Boston, the city where he first entered the now legendary Cheersbar in 1984. The psychiatrist was there to be the bartender, and the main character of the series Cheersto assist Sam Malone (Ted Danson) in recovering from alcohol addiction and yet another breakup with the love of his life.

This Diane (played by Shelley Long) had her on-off romance with Sam Cheers propelled to great popularity in its first two seasons. With Frasier Crane (played by Kelsey Grammer) as the new regular at the neighborhood pub, the success only increased. The well-read and pedantic Crane contrasted wonderfully with the other regulars, such as postman Cliff and accountant/house painter/beer enthusiast Norm.

Successful spin-off

When Cheers had its finale in 1993, the character Frasier nevertheless ended up among almost all cafe goers on a list of contenders for a successful spin-off. Yet a year later the time had already come. Frasier moved from Boston to his hometown of Seattle. There he became the presenter of a radio show, in which he answered listener questions as a psychiatrist.

It turned out to be unexpected Frasier a big hit, with a record number of 37 Emmy Awards, spread over eleven seasons. Its success came in part from Frasier’s interaction with a range of new characters. His wife Lilith, who spread the warmth of a freezer during his Cheers years, disappeared from the scene.

New roles included Frasier’s father Marty, a retired police officer who came to live with his son. With his blue collar mentality, he once again brought an entertaining clash with Frasier’s elitist attitude to the series. In his brother Niles he found a fellow lover of opera, exquisite restaurants and expensive wines.


In 2004 – Niles was now married to Daphne, Frasier’s slightly neurotic housekeeper – the curtain fell on the series. The fact that there is a reboot 19 years later is mainly the work of Grammer, who acts as producer and of course again as lead actor.

Gathering the old cast proved to be an impossible task. Some actors declined and John Mahoney, who played Frasier’s father, died in 2018.

His death marks the beginning of the new series. In the first scene, Frasier arrives at Boston airport, having just returned from Martin’s funeral. He quit his job as a radio host in Seattle and wants to return to teaching.

The son he had with Lilith during his Cheers years did not appear in the first spin-off. This Frederick is now in his thirties and Frasier’s most important new opponent. Daphne and Niles’ son, the slightly peculiar teenager David, also turns up in Boston.

With Frederick, who dropped out of Harvard to his father’s horror and became a firefighter, Frasier once again finds a social opposite. This way the characteristic humor is retained. Although the absence of the old crew is initially felt hard, the reboot gains the necessary momentum after a few episodes.

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