Overview: new series and films at the NPO – de Lagarde

Overview: new series and films at the NPO – de Lagarde
Overview: new series and films at the NPO – de Lagarde


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Which series and films will soon be available to watch at NPO? An overview of the announced titles for this weekend and the coming week…

New series this weekend…

Blackwater (Saturday 11/11, NPO 2) Swedish crime series with Pernilla August and her two daughters, about a double murder in the 1970s that still casts a shadow over the local community twenty years later. Read the review.

Still ongoing series this weekend…

Cops Rotterdam S07 (Friday 10/11, NPO 1) The murder of a boy leads to a mother and daughter who claim they had nothing to do with it. It becomes clear who killed Hermine and Gertie enlists Stan’s help.

Maud & Babs S02 (Friday 10/11, NPO 1) Babs seems quite satisfied with her new home, especially thanks to the presence of caregiver Gino. Juliette’s arrival causes complications when she brings Babs back to her old house.

The Walk In (Friday 10/11, NPO 2) In court, Robbie now faces his old friends from National Action. To ensure a conviction, he will have to convincingly portray himself as a converted man. Read the review.

DNA S02 (Saturday 11/11, NPO 3) Rolf receives help with the investigation from his French colleague Claire Bobin. Mario’s search for his sister leads him to a brothel in Copenhagen. The human smugglers reveal that they have an eye on Rolf.

De Poli (Sunday 12/11, NPO 3) During his interview for Arts Op Wielen, Harold behaves differently than normal. Patty continues dating but is done with men who want to walk. Live streams and bath births now appear to be indispensable.

Capharnaüm (Friday 10/11, NPO 2) Oscar-nominated drama from Lebanon, about a boy who takes his parents to court: according to him, they had no right to bring him into this world. Read the review.

Teen Spirit (Friday 10/11, NPO 3) First and so far only directing job for actor Max Minghella (Nick in the series The Handmaid’s Tale), about a shy teenager (Elle Fanning) who wants to escape the place where she grew up to become a singer.

New series after the weekend…

Carmen Curlers (Thursday 16/11, NPO Plus) Danish drama series in which an entrepreneur (Morten Hee Anderson) and a hairdresser (Nicolai Jørgensen) cause a revolution when they introduce the electric hair curler. Watch the trailer.

Still ongoing series after the weekend…

The Flatshare (Tuesday 14/11, NPO 3) Tiffany and Leon meet on Valentine’s Day. Then Leon is shocked by an article Tiffany wrote about Richie, which was posted without her permission. He decides not to go to their appointment after all. Read more here.

Eyeballs S05 (Wednesday 15/11, NPO 1) Gwen came over from America because Louis is deteriorating very quickly. She, Hansje and Erik watch by his bed. Danny tells his mother that he and Marcel want to go to Suriname together. Read our interview.

Santos (Thursday 16/11, NPO 3) Glenn’s patience is tested by his new colleagues. Erveline has health problems and tries to strengthen her bond with Yola. After much insistence, Glenn helps Jermaine with a job. Read our interview.

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