Emotions run high in Driving Judge: ‘You will be beaten up’

Emotions run high in Driving Judge: ‘You will be beaten up’
Emotions run high in Driving Judge: ‘You will be beaten up’

The fact that irritations about weather between neighbors can run high is evident from the latest episode of The driving judge. Mrs. De Willigen and Mr. Michels have been neighbors for fourteen years, but they cannot agree on a solution to the moisture problem in De Willigen’s wall. “He is very nitpicking.”

Upon entering De Willigen’s house, it is immediately clear: there is mold on the wall in the bedroom and that appears to be caused by moisture in the outside wall, which borders Michels’ driveway. Installing a ventilation system in this wall could be the solution, but she needs the cooperation of her neighbor for this, which she believes only works against her.

Neighbor Michels sees this very differently. According to him, he did think about a solution. “After a lot of tries, I thought: you know what, I’m going to cover it completely,” he says, pointing to the roof. “And now the wall is bone dry.”

Mold in the wardrobe

But it becomes clear that the shelter does not help when De Willigen opens her wardrobe, which is against the damp wall. There is mold at the bottom of the cupboard. “We have already had to move the cupboard from its place twice because the back wall was moldy,” she says in The driving judge.

It is now time for a permanent solution, her son believes. They decided on a special ventilation system and had someone come by to measure the moisture both inside and in the outside wall. De Willigen: “Then I was so stupid not to tell the neighbor that this would happen.”

Michels was indeed not pleased that someone was suddenly in his garden. “Then I exploded. Someone was again messing around in my garden without notice, while I didn’t know what it was about.” And he decided The driving judge to enable.

Fear of falls

But that appears not to be the only thing Michels objects to. The ventilation system that is supposed to solve the moisture problem will protrude a bit from the outside wall along his driveway and you could fall over it, according to Michels. “It’s a kind of saw.”

Nonsense, says De Willigen’s son. “It only sticks out two centimeters.” That comment goes down the wrong way with Michels. “He has no idea. Even hearing this makes me angry. Like: ‘Oh well, it’s nothing’. If I had been smaller I would have said: ‘Come across the table now and I will beat you up’.”

Driving Judge bans ventilation system

Also The driving judge acknowledges Michels’ objections to the ventilation system that his neighbor wants to install. Although she wants to install the system in her own wall, the judge prohibits this because it protrudes above Michels’ plot.

You can watch the entire episode of De Rijdenderechter via NPO Start.

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