This is what the children of the ‘Friends’ cast look like according to AI


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Have you ever wondered what the future would look like for the series’ beloved group of friends? Friends? Thanks to the wonders of artificial intelligence (AI), we now know what Chandler and Monica’s children, Rachel and Ross, and the other cast members would have looked like.

Joey and Janice

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You didn’t see that coming, did you? Although Joey ends up single in the series, according to AI he has found the right one. In the photo he is accompanied by none other than Janice (Oh. My. God.) and two extremely adorable sons. Although: maybe it’s better that the series didn’t end like this.

Ross and Rachel

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Ross and Rachel, who made us all melt in season 8 with the birth of daughter Emma, ​​appear to have continued their family expansion. According to AI, they had another daughter. The big question remains: where is Ross’ son, Ben?

Phoebe and Mike

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Phoebe ended up dating Mike in the series, and her dream of having her own family became a reality with the help of AI. In the image you see them together with two daughters, who look exactly like their mother. Diehard ‘Friends’ fans know that Phoebe was a surrogate mother to her brother’s children on the series. Fun fact: Lisa Kudrow, who plays Phoebe, was also pregnant in real life at the time.

Monica and Chandler

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Last but not least: Monica and Chandler. Monica now finally has the family she always dreamed of. But there is something striking about the photo. In the latest episode of Friends, Chandler and Monica became the proud adoptive parents of twins Jack and Erica. So who is the girl above Monica, and who is the third child? Oh well, it’s still artificial intelligence.

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