Why the British ‘Expedition Robinson’ turns into an “absolute disaster” for BBC | TV

Why the British ‘Expedition Robinson’ turns into an “absolute disaster” for BBC | TV
Why the British ‘Expedition Robinson’ turns into an “absolute disaster” for BBC | TV

TVThe brand new reality series ‘Survivor’, the British equivalent of ‘Expedition Robinson’, seems to be turning into a serious misstep for the BBC. Despite the colossal investment of 35 million euros, the show remains far below the expected viewing figures. “Crisis discussions are being held among managers,” channel employees said in the British press.

The BBC management is at a loss. By fully focusing on ‘Survivor’ they hoped to have found a new viewership after the extremely popular ‘Strictly Come Dancing’. The program started last Saturday, but could not attract more than 2.6 million viewers. That would be an excellent figure for a Flemish programme. But if you know that there are 72 million British people and the most popular programs sometimes reach 20 million viewers, the BBC’s disappointment is understandable.

“It’s madness,” an employee of the channel told ‘Daily Mail’. “The BBC had an excellent schedule on Saturday and Sunday evenings which they managed to carry through to Christmas without any problems. But the panicked bosses completely changed it, for a show so expensive they couldn’t afford to fail.”


According to the employee, a real “crisis” has broken out over the poor results and “discussions are now being held” among managers. “It’s terrible news for the BBC, an absolute disaster. The program cost a fortune and they are simply failing to appeal to the masses. Discussions are now taking place about what can be done to quickly turn the tide.”

To make room for the second episode of ‘Survivor’, David Attenborough’s ‘Planet Earth III’ was even moved. But it remains to be seen whether this intervention will have a positive effect on the viewing figures for the remaining 14 episodes. In the series, 18 participants compete to survive on a deserted island in order to win and win a cash prize of 115,000 euros. The program was originally launched in America and has grown into a popular worldwide franchise. But the British are clearly not looking forward to it.

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