Janine Sanders shocks Meerdijk with dismissal in GTST

Janine Sanders shocks Meerdijk with dismissal in GTST
Janine Sanders shocks Meerdijk with dismissal in GTST

As Janine, Caroline has developed into a talk show queen GTST. Meerdijk viewers hang on her every word Bullseye, the talk show in which she discusses various topics. She recently had a conversation with a guest about the danger of leaking breast implants. Something that Janine wants to sink her teeth into, until she is thwarted by the channel boss.

After a conversation in which she is patronized by the director, Janine makes a drastic decision. She hands in her resignation live on TV.

“I really wanted to make a follow-up broadcast, because I want the pharmaceutical companies and the companies that make those things here in the program. But it was made clear to me that that is absolutely not the intention,” Janine addresses the camera, with the concerning channel boss behind the scenes.

Long story short: the transmitter of Bullseye is in the same holding company as a pharmaceutical company that supplies breast implants that cause complaints. “That makes it impossible for me to continue to do my work independently. So there is no other option: I am quitting this program with immediate effect. And that is with pain in my heart.” There are shocked reactions from the studio.

Whether this means the end of Janine’s talk show career in the soap opera remains to be seen. Caroline will probably find that a shame. She recently told RTL Boulevard that presenting a talk show in Meerdijk might appeal to her in real life:

GTST can be seen from Monday to Thursday at 8 p.m. on RTL 4 and can be viewed on Videoland.

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