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In recent weeks, the language of love has not really been used in the popular television program Farmer Seeks Woman. But… there is hope! Communication is changing at an excruciatingly slow pace. Farmer Piet even turned out to have secretly kissed his Anke when the cameras were off. Well! As the final moment of choice approaches, there were also more one-on-one conversations. In Dutch and Frisian.

That Frisian, that’s a thing. The Leeuwarder Courant discovered great injustice last week: Bernice and her two remaining men (both of Frisian origin) were not allowed to speak Frisian by the film crew that followed them! Those Dutch people would otherwise not understand what was being said. And then they could no longer keep up with the rapid developments in Sweden and therefore did not know whether things were going well or badly, or whether Yvon had to be flown in with screaming sirens. Result: the three Frisians said even less than they would otherwise have done. Because yes: “Minsken kinne gefoelens it best úterje in her memmetaal.”* The editors of the program could have done a little better in terms of translation apps or other smart solutions, according to the newspaper.

I am Hans

In Germany the fence was now closed. Because between baking cakes and peeling eggs it turned out: Piet has kissed! With Anke! Without a camera! This shocking news came out at the end of the episode. Anke wanted to kiss more often, while Gea unsuspectingly tried to learn German on the veranda. That was no longer necessary, the viewers saw. Poor Gea, who learned “Ich bin Hans, ich bin eine Frau.” We fear that she will return home next week with an identity crisis…


What is bikini in Slovak? We think ‘bikini’, but we’re still figuring that out. More importantly, there appears to be a Slovak version of Farmer Wants a Woman, which Richard watched with his ladies. Fortunately, the devastating effect was not that intense, because the Slovak ladies turned out to be cooking and washing hikers in bikinis. Robin and Marijke didn’t feel like that. Fortunately, there was time for one-on-one conversations in the supermarket and the kitchen. They both have a certain interest in Richard, and he likes them hanging around with him, but they don’t know exactly whether or not they will be able to settle in Slovakia? All unsolvable questions, even in Dutch. So they went off to feed goats in the dark and watch Richard’s mess from the observation tower. In the meantime, the moment of choice is approaching.

Management language

In the Netherlands, in addition to the official languages ​​Dutch and Frisian, we also have the so-called ‘management language’. That’s what they speak at Claudia’s in France. The narrative is also richly peppered with coaching clichés and job interview vocabulary. Wonderful, according to Claudia and Paul. The question “how do you think things are going?” was passed and the completion of household tasks was also assessed. René seems to be done with it now. He had just brought the thirsty calf a bucket of water after the barbecue, Claudia suddenly confronts him with an ultimatum: “Persuade me to choose you!” What kind of ways are these? René fell completely silent. Some viewers thought he should have immediately taken Claudia into his arms and kissed her vigorously (‘clinging her against the counter’ was also mentioned). But we could imagine his confusion. What do you mean ‘persuade me’? If she doesn’t realize yet that he suits her better than Paul, then he doesn’t suit her better and that’s fine. However?

Body language

The good news of this episode was that the body language of Bernice, Ype Jacob and Johan has become a lot happier. Bernice laughed and looked a lot more relaxed. There were also one-on-one conversations on the beach in Sweden. Ype Jacob and Bernice think they are a good team, Johan went to clean the windows at the in-laws and declared himself “an open diary”. Whether or not you had jitters was also expressed, in Dutch. Afterwards, Ype and Bernice were allowed to talk about mosquitoes and pinkies in Frisian, because the cameraman had already found Google Translate. Luckily, just when it became important! Bernice triumphantly: “I’m not running away anymore!” In the meantime, we didn’t see a horse this episode, which was disappointing.


The episode ended with a ‘teaser’ (sorry for the English) for the web series. In which two former participants who had written for the same farmer tell their story. Were those two in love with each other now? When we wanted to investigate this further, it turned out that we were not the only ones. There was another hitch in the communication cable:

You’ll just have to check it out for yourself at a later date. Hopefully the ladies don’t speak Slovak…


*It’s a lot easier to talk about feelings in your native language

The article is in Dutch

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