Uproar among ‘Yellowstone’ fans due to the latest update: good and bad news

Uproar among ‘Yellowstone’ fans due to the latest update: good and bad news
Uproar among ‘Yellowstone’ fans due to the latest update: good and bad news

There’s both good and bad news for fans of the ‘Yellowstone’ franchise.

The infamous feud between Kevin Costner and showrunner Taylor Sheridan not only led to the end of Yellowstone, but has also left the second part of the final season in limbo for months. Now there is finally clarity, but it is disappointing news.

The release date for the final six episodes of season 5 has been announced, but that also tells us that fans will have to wait another whole year. The episodes will not be broadcast until November 2024.

Good and bad news

This news did not go down very well with fans as they have been waiting for the end of the series for so long. However, Paramount Network also brought good news for fans of the franchise. The world of Yellowstone will be expanded with two more spin-offs: 1944 and 2024.

While some viewers are relieved that they can finally move on with their lives after November 2024, others express their frustration, claiming they are done with the series and no longer care about the season finale. The announcement of the spin-offs was of course positively received.


Given the relatively small time difference, many fans suspect we’re dating some of the characters 1923 also in 1944 could see. But this poses a potential problem, because 1923 has already been renewed for a second season. If that season comes out later then 1944this could lead to spoilers.

The setting for 1944 is of course hugely intriguing, as it will cover World War II, which opens up countless possibilities for interesting storylines. The spin-off is out 2024 is also promising, as it will seemingly serve as a reboot for the main series.

Only option

Apparently, the spin-off will have an entirely new cast of characters with new locations, as well as references to the original series. That’s the only path the show’s creators could take after the recent events that ended the original series.

The release dates of the spin-offs have not yet been announced. Look at Yellowstone on SkyShowtime.

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