Sarah Palin again not elected to House of Representatives

Sarah Palin not elected to House of Representatives — © AP

Sarah Palin, one of the faces of the ultra-conservative Tea Party, is once again not elected to the House of Representatives. CNN and The Associated Press, among others, predict this. Palin lost to Democrat Mary Peltola, who in August swept the seat to Democrats for the first time in 50 years.

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The Alaska seat was one of the few seats yet to be awarded to a candidate. The state recently introduced a new election system, in which all candidates are part of the same primary and the candidates with the most votes advance. As a result, Peltola took on two Republicans on November 8. The voters must also rank the candidates, and if none of the candidates get 50 percent, then it will be checked who is in second place.

Peltola, who is part of the Alaskan Indigenous people, already won against Palin for the first time in August when a special election was held after the death of Representative Don Young. Now she also wins a full term: according to CNN, Peltola received more than 54 percent and Palin 45 percent. Palin thus joins the list of Donald Trump-backed right-wing candidates who did not win their election.

Peltola is the first Alaska Native to make it to Congress. In August, the media reported that a quarter of Alaska’s population are Natives, and they are generally not outspokenly Republican or Democratic.

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Democrat Mary Peltola — © AP

Republican for impeachment Trump

Still in Alaska, Republican Lisa Murkowski was re-elected. She was the only Republican senator to vote to impeach Donald Trump after storming the Capitol and to run for re-election. She eventually beat her Republican rival Kelly Tshibaka, who was supported by Trump, and Democrat Pat Chesbro.

According to The New York Times predictions, Democrats now have 213 seats in the House of Representatives and Republicans 220. It is only a matter of time before the result of a district in California and one in Colorado, where the Republican candidates have a lead of a few hundred votes. Although the Republicans predicted a “red wave,” their lead over the Democrats is only slightly larger than that of the Democrats today. Now the Democrats have 220 seats, the Republicans 2013 and two seats are empty.

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