Randstad residents move to the countryside more often

Randstad residents move to the countryside more often
Randstad residents move to the countryside more often

People from the Randstad are increasingly moving to the countryside. According to research by Rabobank, they do this mainly because of the prices of the houses and to a lesser extent because they are looking for peace and space, as Rabo says, is often claimed by the media.

According to the survey, six out of ten people in the Randstad would prefer to buy a home in their own city. But due to the limited supply, prices are high, so they look elsewhere. According to the survey, about half of the home seekers find a home in their own city. In 2015 it was two thirds.

Director of Cindy Kremer Vereniging Eigen Huis (VEH) is not surprised by this news. “During the corona crisis, we all started working at home more and as a result, we set different requirements for our home,” she says in Good Morning Netherlands. “We see that in municipalities such as Amersfoort and Apeldoorn, a large proportion of the houses are bought by people who come from the Randstad.”

In a number of municipalities, this even means that a priority rule has been set up so that ‘own residents’ are not pushed out. “Everything calls for policy,” says Kremer.


Many homebuyers remain loyal to the Randstad, but the percentage of homebuyers moving to the countryside is growing. In 2015, approximately 86 percent of Randstad residents bought a house in the Randstad. Currently it is 74 percent.

The outward movement also affects the housing market just outside the major cities. For example, the share of local house buyers in the countryside immediately adjacent to the Randstad fell from 70 percent to 50 percent in eight years. A similar development can be seen further from the Randstad, according to the bank.

Falling house prices

House prices are currently falling. If this takes longer, it could lead to Randstad residents buying a house in their own city more often in the future, according to the researchers. This means that local house seekers also have a greater chance of finding a house in their own municipality.

“We are dealing with very rapidly rising mortgage rates and that immediately puts affordability under pressure,” says Kremer. But that doesn’t reduce the housing shortage, she says. “So the problem is not solved, but affordability has decreased, which causes prices to drop a bit.”

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