Effective Willem II soon has TOP Oss on its knees | William II

Effective Willem II soon has TOP Oss on its knees | William II
Effective Willem II soon has TOP Oss on its knees | William II

Willem II, which has scored poorly this season so far, often managed to find the net on Friday evening in Oss. And fast. After 25 minutes, TOP Oss was already 0-3 behind in its own stadium. With that, the game was over, although the home team did something back in the final phase (1-3).

First Matthias Verreth, who took the place of the slightly injured Pol Llonch, brushed the ball from more than 20 meters behind the hopeless TOP goalkeeper Thijs Janssen, in the next attack Michael de Leeuw slipped in a measured cross from Nick Doodeman: 0-2 .

The home team – where Ömer Gündüz made his basic debut – was still shaking from that double blow, when the damage became even greater. Not yet when De Leeuw shot hard on the post, but after Joep van der Sluijs torpedoed Willem II midfielder Jesse Bosch in the penalty area. Arbiter Vos pointed to the penalty spot, De Leeuw coolly shot the 0-3 into the net.

Three points in an away game

A luxury position for Willem II, which has only scored eight times in the first seven matches of this season and has never won by more than one goal difference. Moreover, it was a little over a year ago that the Tilburgers took three points after an away game in competition.

After the failure in Den Bosch last weekend (4-1 defeat), TOP Oss headed for a new earwash by a fellow provincial halfway through the game. Or would the Ossenaren still be able to turn the tide after the break?

TOP Oss started the second half with Kyvon Leidsman instead of Van der Sluijs. Kristof Aelbrecht’s team still managed to muster the energy to look for the attack after the restart, despite the large backlog, but there was hardly any danger of goal.

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Matthias Verreth celebrates the 0-1 together with his teammates. © Pro Shots / Toin Damen

Fresh forces

With 20 minutes to play, trainer Kristof Aelbrecht brought in two more fresh forces with Milan Hilrink (for Lorenzo Piqué) and Delano Ladan (for Toshio Lake). At Willem II, Jeremy Bokila and Elton Kabangu got some playing time a little later. They replaced Michael de Leeuw and Nick Doodeman. Erik Schouten, back after a suspension, also came in for Matthias Verreth.

Most of the fireworks, however, had already gone off before half-time. There was one more goal in the final phase. After Woudenberg took down the breakthrough Trevor David, Justin Mathieu shot in the 1-3 from the penalty spot. Thomas Beekman came in as a battering ram (for Roshon van Eijma), but the remaining time was not enough for the home team to make it exciting. Moreover, Hofland caused some delay with two more substitutions (Wesley Spieringhs and Joeri Schroijen for Daniel Crowley and Max Svensson).

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