Children stuck in wreck for a while after ‘major accident’ on A9, also detour due to viewer traffic

Several people were injured in an accident on the A9 towards Alkmaar at the beginning of the evening. They have been taken to hospital. After the impact, some children were locked up in one of the wrecks for some time. The fire brigade rescued the children.

That tells a police spokesperson to NH Nieuws. The accident involved two cars and a truck. The cars, in particular, were heavily damaged.

Some victims were checked and treated on site by ambulance personnel, others involved were taken to hospital for treatment. The severity of their injuries is unknown.

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Children stuck in 'major accident' on A9

Children stuck in 'major accident' on A9

The spokesman for the Amsterdam-Amstelland fire brigade confirms that two children were involved in the accident, but does not know whether or how seriously they were injured. “Two victims were taken to hospital, one to the VU, the other to the AMC.”


After the accident, there was a considerable traffic jam, after which Rijkswaterstaat decided to set up a diversion via the A2, A10 and A4. However, that advice seems to be ignored, because according to the ANWB, traffic on the A9 towards Alkmaar is still delayed by half an hour around 7 p.m. All traffic must be in one lane.

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The accident and the emergency services also attracted the attention of motorists in the opposite direction, causing a viewer’s traffic jam on that side of the road, a spokesperson for Rijkswaterstaat confirms. “Because it was also considerable, we also set up a diversion for that,” said the spokesperson for Rijkswaterstaat.

At one point, the traffic jam amounted to 4 kilometers, so traffic was advised to detour from the Badhoevedorp junction via the A4, A10 and A2.

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Redirection due to viewer traffic jam A9

Redirection due to viewer traffic jam A9

Because the viewership file has now been resolved, the advice for the diversion has been lifted, the spokesperson reports. He acknowledges that redirects are not often set up because of viewer traffic. “But it’s easy here,” he refers to the handful of connecting highways.

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Police are investigating how the accident could have happened. Anyone who has witnessed or has dashcam footage is asked to share it with the police.

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