‘The clitoris is not an appetizer that you can skip if you want’

‘The clitoris is not an appetizer that you can skip if you want’
‘The clitoris is not an appetizer that you can skip if you want’

There have been some remarkable statements this week. An overview for those who missed the highlights.

‘The clitoris is not an appetizer that you can skip if you wish, but a complete menu.’

Sexologist Lotte Sierens thinks the name foreplay is ‘unfortunately chosen’, she says in an interview with The morning. ‘What we do during foreplay is often just what is best for the woman. The term suggests that all this is only incidental, a run-up to the main course: the penetration sex.’

“Reading books is like eating sprouts.”

As long as there’s no sprouts on that full-fledged menu, Kanye West is all right. And as far as he’s concerned, let that foreplay start with a good conversation: he compares talking in the podcast Alo Mind Fullwith the corn ravioli in the Italian top restaurant Giorgio Baldi. Especially when he’s speaking himself, perhaps.

“Location is the most important thing, in real estate, politics and in life.”

Another person who likes to hear himself talk is Donald Trump. On his own social medium, Truth Social, he claimed that unlike Joe Biden, he would have been allowed to sit at the very front of the Queen’s funeral if he had still been president. “This is what has happened to America in two short years. No respect!’.

‘When I heard that Cameron was pregnant, we immediately opened a skyr to celebrate’

But back to that foreplay and the main course, because sometimes children can come there, such as with Cameron Vandenbroucke and Tim Merlier. And when the latter heard that he was becoming a father, he exuberantly opened a jar of skyr, he tells in The newspapaer. By the way, wouldn’t it be safer for cyclists if they also do that on the podium to celebrate their victory? Then no champagne cork can fly into their eye.

‘Yes, we’re going to work together. I said ‘yes’, like in a marriage.’

Let’s hope that that pot of skyr can be opened immediately on Sunday at the World Cycling Championships in Australia. There a romance blossoms between Wout Van Aert and Remco Evenepoel. Although Van Aert is already married to Sarah, he has now also said ‘yes’ to Remco Evenepoel, who did not contradict him. ‘I know Wout’s abilities, he knows mine. We can work together perfectly in the final of a tough match.”

‘Cru said? It will come down to the wallet.”

According to cycling icon Rik Van Looy in Sports weekend that marriage between Wout van Aert and Remco Evenepoel is purely about money.

‘The farmer milks the cow, but the farmers’ union milks the farmer.’

And money, that is also what it is all about for Flemish Minister for the Environment Zuhal Demir (N-VA) at the Boerenbond. She wants the Boerenbond to set up a fund to support farmers who have to reduce their livestock due to the nitrogen agreement. (in pano)

‘When my daughter said she was going on Erasmus for six months, I started thinking about the best way to monitor her. I soon found it: I’ll just make a television program about it.’

When Luc Haekens heard that his daughter wanted to go abroad, he also thought about the money. They wouldn’t come from the Boerenbond, so he decided to make a TV program about it: The Great Unknownin which for One he also follows other Erasmuss, in addition to his daughter, to ‘look inside the minds of the young students’.

“I’m not a bad person.”

We would also like to take a look inside Gert Verhulst’s head. Is he a bad person now or not? In Hey everyone apologizes in any case for the controversial first episode of his talk show The table of four, in which he used the n-word. Mistakes were made there, he says, but he didn’t want to hurt anyone intentionally.

‘He wanted to go to Kiev in a week and install a government with decent people.’

Vladimir Putin is not a bad person either, at least not according to former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. In an interview on Italian television, he called the war in Ukraine a ‘special military operation’ after the Russian example. And instead of the Zelensky government, according to Berlusconi, Putin only wanted to bring “decent people” to power. Perhaps he didn’t even want to hurt anyone intentionally.

“Thanks also to Vladimir Putin’s inspiring leadership.”

According to former Prime Minister and now British MP Boris Johnson, Putin is also a suitable peer. Or not. Unfortunately, during an intervention in the House of Commons, he confused the two presidents. He quickly corrected himself: ‘I mean Zelensky’.

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