Sweet! Marco Borsato celebrates a special moment today

Marco puts Senna in the spotlight on Instagram by means of a congratulation via Instagram Stories. It’s not just a photo that Marco posts, Senna poses leaning against a motorcycle and proudly gives his thumbs up. About the snapshot Marco writes in orange letters: ‘Congratulations Senna! 21 years.’ Leontien and sister Jada are also not left behind, both congratulate Senna via Instagram.


‘Dear Senna, today is your day! You made me a mother for the second time 21 years ago and from the first moment you lay on my stomach I saw and felt an enormous recognition.’ Leontien’s congratulations begin. ‘Not only on the outside, you were a picture of a baby with thick black hair and beautiful skin, but also on the inside I immediately felt a spiritual connection with you. Now you are 21, you work hard and stand for who you are! Daddy and I are very proud of you dear Sen. Always shine like that darling, we love you very much.’ She concludes her message with the words ‘congratulations, dear Senna.’

From the old box

Jada congratulates her big brother just like Marco via Stories. She does this by means of a homemade photo collage, the collage consists of snapshots from the old box. Jada has put these together into a whole to congratulate Senna. ‘I love you, proud of you’, writes Jada about her birthday brother.

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Source: Instagram | Image: BrunoPress

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