Forest ranger accidentally takes a scorpion as a souvenir

Forest ranger accidentally takes a scorpion as a souvenir
Forest ranger accidentally takes a scorpion as a souvenir

Roos and Iva Wever have had a special night camping. The sisters slept in a tent in Elp, in their grandparents’ garden. Unbeknownst to them, a ‘souvenir’ from Italy or France was also staying there: a living scorpion.

“Grandpa Evert, there is a spider with scissors in the tent!” Eleven-year-old Rose wanted to deflate the air mattress, but came across a special animal. Forest ranger Evert Thomas, the girls’ grandfather: “I went along to look and to my amazement it was a scorpion. I was surprised by that.”

The animal of a few centimeters has probably been in the tent for three weeks, folded up in the attic. “I didn’t know it was possible,” says Thomas. “But it seems that scorpions can almost stop their breathing, leaving them living at a very low level. They can last for months.”

Thomas took the dead silent animal inside. There it came to life again. “It’s a little warmer in the house, of course. And I fed him some flies – he was enjoying them.” The forester looks fascinated at the plastic container in his hand. “He is very active now. He feels completely happy again, I believe.”

It is not yet entirely certain what species it is and what exactly will happen to the animal. He might go to a shelter. “And otherwise I might keep it as a pet myself,” says Thomas. “I think it’s a really fascinating beast.” According to the forester, the scorpion is not dangerous to humans. “It could be a risk for the native species if it just lands here.”

For now, the scorpion will stay with Thomas. It also got a name from Roos: Hendrik. And since it’s dinner time, Roos and Thomas go in search of little critters. “Ha, look! A tasty snack for Hendrik”, says Roos.

Watch the video with scorpion Hendrik below:

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