Jef Thevelin (11) is the new children’s mayor

Jef Thevelin (11) is the new children’s mayor
Jef Thevelin (11) is the new children’s mayor

Since last Sunday, Kuurne has had a new children’s council led by brand new children’s mayor Jef Thevelin of VBS Sint-Michiel. It was during a secret session on Sunday morning in the old town hall that both the new children’s mayor and children’s aldermen were elected. Lou Veys from the Center School became the first children’s ship.

After the children of the sixth grade of all Kuurn schools had previously gone to the polls to choose their children’s municipal councilors, the elected officials could decide among themselves who would become the children’s mayor on Sunday morning. Once the secret session was over, the company moved from the old town hall in the Kerkstraat to the town hall itself, where Jels Dezaadinck talked the closing show together in the upper room. During the show it was a bit of a nail biting for all elected officials until their name was mentioned. It was only at that moment that it became clear to them who would be given a position within the children’s council.

After the names of all children’s councilors were first listed, the names of all children’s councilors followed and who each time received them as godmother or godparent. Jeannie-Mila Montina of the Wijzerschool was elected as the fifth children’s ship. She will be accompanied by ships Els Verhagen as godmother. Annabel Deleu van Pienter became fourth children’s ship and is accompanied by alderman Jan Deprez. Wout Delaere of VBS Sint-Pieter will become the third children’s ship and will thereby end up under the wings of alderman Annelies Vandenbussche. Kaatje Coopman of primary school De Boomgaard was chosen as the second children’s ship, who will accompany alderman Bram Deloof. Lou Veys, who is a pupil at the Center School, was the first child alderman’s office. She will be accompanied by ships Willem Vanwynsberghe.

Program points

The successor to Bas Stockman, who was elected mayor of children last year, is Jef Thevelin of VBS Sint-Michiel. “When I applied for the children’s municipal council elections, I never dared to think that I would become the new children’s mayor”, says Jef (11). “My program items included the arrival of a petting zoo with a social orchard in Kuurne, where all children can pick fruit for free. In addition, it would also be nice if the municipality could set up a traveling playground with a donkey bouncy castle, which visits a different neighborhood every week. A youth newspaper and youth website would also be nice, but the program item that received the most enthusiasm is the proposal to send all students to school for one day in the old clothes in the context of 900 years of Kuurne.” Despite Jef having little interest in politics, he does follow current events. Later he wants to become a biologist. (BRU)

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