Flexible and affordable sheet metal working solutions

Flexible and affordable sheet metal working solutions
Flexible and affordable sheet metal working solutions

Deratech has been around for about 15 years. Starting out as a manufacturer and supplier of press brakes and sheet metal shears, the Belgian company now supplies an extensive range of sheet metal working machines: in addition to press brakes and sheet metal shears, fiber laser cutting machines, tube laser cutting machines, combination flatbed and tube lasers and CNC punching nibbling machines. All these machines are built in China, where Deratech has its own factory of 37,000 square meters with 400 employees, 40 of whom work in the R&D department.

Top value for money

Production in China immediately gives Deratech its most important asset: attractive prices. “We strive for a price-quality ratio that is top notch,” says De Vooght. “We can achieve this by producing in China. We have everything in-house there, from cutting the frames to assembly, which means we can produce very efficiently. We also realize a large volume. In 2021, for example, we produced more than 2000 press brakes. Most of the machines remain in China, which is our largest sales market. But we sell our machines all over the world.”

Press brakes

First of all, Deratech produces an extensive range of hydraulic, electric and hybrid press brakes. The smallest member of the press brake family is a fully electrically driven machine with a capacity of 1 meter x 25 tons. But also much larger press brakes with capacities of 2000 tons and more in tandem or tridem arrangement leave the factory in China. In addition, standard sheet metal shears and fully automated cutting centers are part of the delivery program, as well as servo-driven CNC punching nibbling machines (20 or 30 tons).

fiber lasers

The newest machines in the range are the fiber lasers, which Deratech is building in collaboration with a Chinese manufacturer. The offer includes different types. For example, there is the Entra, a compact machine without an exchange table but with an extendable cutting table on the long side. It is available with a laser power of up to 8 kW, good for cutting up to 30 mm thick. The Supera is a fiber laser with shuttle table for continuous production, available with 2 to 20 kW laser sources.

This machine is also available as the Supera-T combi machine with a rotary axis for cutting pipes and profiles up to 220 mm in diameter. And finally, there is the Futura, a flexibly configurable tube laser with laser powers from 1 to 8 kW, which can be equipped with a 2.5D or 3D bevel cutting head. Customers can choose from a wide range of different components. The machines can be equipped with laser sources from IPG and cutting heads from Precitec, but also with components made in China. “These have gotten better and better over the years,” says De Vooght.

Companies with own production

Deratech’s main target group are companies with their own production, who want to start cutting themselves or want to replace their plasma cutting machines with a laser solution. “We supply high-performance machines for companies that want to be flexible and want to carry out production in-house at a feasible and affordable price tag. We offer solutions for that.”
In addition to the interesting prices, Deratech also has a few trump cards. “We provide flexible machine solutions,” says De Vooght. “Standard if possible, customized if necessary. We also have our own service department and parts warehouse in Belgium with spare parts in stock. We are aware of the importance of being able to act quickly. All important components are therefore in stock.”

Business premises with appearance

Deratech’s main markets in Europe are Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. These are served directly without intermediaries, which is also favorable for the price. Soon Deratech will be able to serve these markets even better. The machine supplier is currently located in Waasmunster, on the highway between Antwerp and Ghent, but later this year it will move slightly further down the highway towards Ghent to settle at a new business park in Lokeren. A brand new 2,500 square meter facility with an experience center is currently being built there. The new accommodation will be 2.5 times as large as the current one.

But at least as important, according to De Vooght, is the much more attractive appearance. “We are getting more and more customers for our lasers. With lasers you are talking about different budgets and more expensive machines. The customers for these machines want a different experience than a demonstration in a warehouse where various machines are in stock, as is now the case with us. That is why we will soon have an experience center at our disposal. There, a flatbed laser, a tube laser and a combination machine will be set up for demonstration purposes and for making test cuts. With this we are taking an important step in the further development of Deratech.”

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