Podcast Tips | Esther Perel reveals her world view

Radarthe culture podcast of The standard, is back with a vengeance. And also serial makes an unexpected comeback after a judicial plot twist. Or would you rather spend an hour on the couch with Esther Perel?

Wondering which podcasts I’ll be listening to this fall? I have listed them in a handy list. Admittedly: ‘the best podcasts of the fall’ is a slightly misleading headline, because to start with I have not heard these series yet and moreover podcasts announce themselves less clearly than, say, film or music. Who knows what else will fall into my lap? I remain curious. So feel free to write to me at [email protected] Standaard.be and send me your listening tips.

Meanwhile, our own podcast editors wondered whether we should be concerned about the south of our country. Wallonia does not have a lot of budgetary leeway to tackle the energy crisis. Wetstraat journalist Peter De Lobel explains it in DS Today.

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Our culture podcast will also return on Saturday Radar back from summer break. Lise Bonduelle is the trusted host. Of course it will be about the long-awaited reopening of the KMSKA. Stay tuned!

Pieter van der Wielen interviews a leading guest about his worldview every week.

Photo: NRC

1. Relationship guru Esther Perel pierces the zeitgeist

The world’s most famous relationship therapist Esther Perel shifts the focus to the workplace. That is also a network of relationships, she says. In DS Weekly she explains her vision on life and work during a short passage in Belgium. NRC-journalist Pieter van der Wielen managed to get her for the new podcast The hour. In that podcast, Pieter van der Wielen probes the world view of a leading guest for an hour.

Esther Perel is his second guest, after Royce de Vries, the son of murdered crime journalist Peter R. de Vries. The conversation has a hesitant start with the cliché of the person on a deathbed who always had the same wish (to spend more time with loved ones, etc). After five minutes, however, Perel is already well on track with reflections about the covid period. She thunders on until the hour is clocked.

Especially in the second half of the conversation, the Belgian-American therapist provides a sharp look at the wok debate without using the hollowed-out term itself. And her vision of masculinity also provides food for thought. According to Perel, men in the 21st century will formulate an answer to the changes that women have gone through in the 20th century. That will be accompanied by violence, she warns.

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Or listen to Esther Perel’s own podcasts:

Where should we begin with Esther Perel >

How’s work with Esther Perel >

An unexpected denouement.

Photo: Serial

2. ‘Serial’ unexpectedly has its denouement

Big news in podcast and true crime land: Adnan Syed has been released. Syed was arrested at the age of 17 for the murder of his ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee. Journalist Sarah Koenig from This American life listed the many holes in the research in the extremely exciting serialand put not only the podcast and the true crime genre on the map, but also the Hae Min Lee case and the broken American justice system.

Koenig was there in court when Syed was told he could go home. Less than a day after the news there was a new episode serial in the feed. “It’s hard to cheer for this triumph of justice,” she says in the episode, “when it takes more than twenty years for the system to correct itself.”

Culture journalist Cathérine De Cock once again summarized the facts for the newspaper. Handy, because Serial dates back to 2014.

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Podcast Tips | Esther Perel reveals her world view

The perfect podcast to keep the summer feeling alive.

Photo: RoomTone/RP/Witness

3. A Summer with the Last Bohemians of Provincetown

Do you want to hold on to that summer feeling for a while? Then we can Welcome to Provincetown wholeheartedly recommend. Documentary maker Mitra Kaboli spent a summer in Provincetown (or P-town for the friends) in 2021. The northernmost tip of Cape Cod has barely 3,000 inhabitants, but in the summer 60,000 vacationers flock there. Legend has it that it is a haven for creatives and queers. So Kaboli couldn’t wait to take her newly accepted bisexuality and do some podcasting in between. The reality turned out to be a bit more unruly.

P-town is no longer the bohemian holiday resort of yesteryear, but in recent years it was almost completely bought up by rich two-income couples. The fact that they are often gay is a thorn in the side and for Kaboli even a thorn in the side. Not only the struggling artists, but also the women seem to be outcompeted.

Fortunately, in seven very different characters, she still finds remnants of what made the place so beloved by writers like Cookie Mueller and Michael Cunningham. When you’ve finished all ten episodes, you fondly think back to the elusive trans girl Stacy Star and Sonny, the beautiful twenty-something who calls herself a ‘dumb slut summer‘ wanted to give as a present, but mainly encountered himself.

Tip: The seventh episode with the newly divorced Brian is my favorite.

Listen to ‘Welcome to Provincetown’ >

That was the selection for this week. Have fun listening!

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