Xebia appoints Ellis de Haan as COO in Dutch management team

Hilversum, September 22, 2022 – Globally operating IT consultancy company Xebia has appointed Ellis de Haan as COO in the Netherlands. Together with CEO Andrew de la Haije and CFO Henk-Jan Westerink, she is responsible for ensuring that the Dutch organization lives up to Xebia’s mission and values, as well as upholding business principles such as entrepreneurship and innovation.

Ellis de Haan (34) comes from the Xebia organization and was responsible for Xebia IT Architects until her appointment as Business Unit Manager. This unit is seen as the stem cell of Xebia from which new companies within Xebia sprout. Before that she worked at ABN AMRO and in that capacity was a client of Xebia. She has also worked as a consultant herself in the past. She therefore has experience as a consultant, as a customer and as a manager in the Xebia organization and can therefore identify with the most important stakeholders of the company in various areas.

The connecting factor
De Haan is the first woman in Xebia’s management team. The position of COO within Xebia is different from that of other companies, because de Haan does not stand hierarchically above the autonomous units, but focuses on improving and connecting the operation.

The brand new COO says about Xebia and about her new position: “As a customer at ABN AMRO, I have already fallen in love with Xebia. On the method. On the values ​​that Xebia upholds. Now I can be a connecting factor within our company from the operational responsibility. I love solving complex puzzles and now I get to do that on a large scale. What our employees want and think is very important. With their input I will make the engine run even better.” Ellis is proud to be the first woman to join the management team: “I want to set an example for other women, both inside and outside Xebia. In recent years I have made a strong case for hiring female consultants. With my appointment to the management team, they will also feel represented.

Andrew de la Haije says about De Haan’s appointment: “Ellis is actually the only person I want to go on this adventure with. She is the embodiment of our most important values: people first and customer intimacy, because she once worked for a customer and now comes from our organization. With Ellis on our team, I think the three of us, in our respective fields, can add a lot of value to the company.


About Xebia

Xebia is an IT consultancy and software development company that advises and supports digital leaders worldwide since 2001. With offices on every continent, we help the top 250 companies embrace innovation, adopt the latest technologies and implement the most successful business models. To meet every digital demand, Xebia has teams with a wealth of knowledge and experience in Agile, DevOps, Data & AI, Cloud, Software Development, Security, Quality Assurance, Low Code, and Microsoft Solutions. In addition to high-quality consultancy and state-of-the-art software, Xebia Academy offers the training that modern companies need to work better, smarter and faster. Xebia continues to expand through a buy-and-build strategy, partnering with leading IT companies to increasingly gain a foothold in the digital landscape.

Visit www.xebia.com for more information.

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