Place where tiktoker Lucas Cornelissen crashed is being made safer

Place where tiktoker Lucas Cornelissen crashed is being made safer
Place where tiktoker Lucas Cornelissen crashed is being made safer

The place along the Dommel in Den Bosch where Lucas Cornelissen died in May is being made safer. The 20-year-old Vlijmenaar was known from TikTok. He drove his scooter on the south side of the center via a staircase into the Dommel and died due to the hard fall he made.

Two passers-by saw the accident just after midnight on Wednesday 18 May and alerted the emergency services. An air ambulance was also called in and a special diving team from the fire brigade came to the scene of the accident.

Divers found Cornelissen’s body after some time. It is not clear how the tiktoker ended up in the river. The area was cordoned off after the accident. The police consider a fatal accident after an investigation.

Candles and flowers
At the bottom of the stairs, along the water, there are still candles, flowers and other items that commemorate Lucas.

20-year-old Cornelissen was known for his dry and humorous videos on TikTok, especially popular among young people. He had more than 154,000 followers on this social medium. He also had more than 36,000 followers on Instagram.

The morning after the accident, people gathered at the spot where Cornelissen entered De Dommel. The following Saturday, the Vlijmenaar was commemorated by many young people. The letters of Lucas’ name were formed with candles.

The municipality is currently renovating Wilhelminaplein where the accident happened. The situation at the fateful stairs is immediately adjusted

At the top of the stairs there will be a bicycle lock so that you can no longer just ride down the stairs. A beech hedge will be installed to prevent people from driving down the stairs from the quay. In this way, accidents such as those in May should be prevented.

In the video below you can see how Lucas was commemorated in May:

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