Who will stop the drunk man and the knife puller?

Who will stop the drunk man and the knife puller?
Who will stop the drunk man and the knife puller?

In the fourth episode, the candidates will really feel what it is like to be a personal security guard. From A to Z. That starts with picking up the phone at night for an important message. Are all phones turned on?

It is also high time for a masterclass by Nico and Malcolm. Then the theory lessons are put into practice. Starting with exploring a route by car and checking two possible locations for a private meeting for their client: a mayor. Do the candidates take with them the lessons they learned from episode one when they had to book a table in a restaurant for Ed Sheeran?

The candidates will receive a number of combat lessons in the Vondelpark in Amsterdam. For example, how can you best defend yourself if someone comes at you with a knife? Is this purely coincidental or do the candidates end up in such a situation later on?

The eight remaining candidates are split into pairs and assigned a mayor to protect. After a lively meeting, the mayors want to get some fresh air, but then they are attacked out of the blue by a drunk man, an over-enthusiastic fan and an aggressor with a weapon.

@debodyguard How do you protect a mayor from a drunk man, an overenthusiastic fan and a knife puller? Watch DeBodyguard ♬ original sound – debodyguard

Are the attackers stopped in the right way and can the candidates get their client back to safety? Unfortunately, in the fourth episode, one person is said goodbye again.

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By: Vick ten Wolde

The article is in Dutch

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