The volume of the world

The volume of the world
The volume of the world

They both live in Kortrijk and share a love for the good life and writing. Furthermore, our two columnists have little in common. Every week they give an insight into their diverse lives. This week it is Siel Verhanneman (32), author and poet.

The world is loud. That is what I have always experienced as a highly sensitive soul, but since a few months I have noticed that it does not only affect me in that part of my personality. The world has opened its volume knob wide and you can hear it, whether you are highly sensitive or not. I have to correct myself already. Not the world turned the dial, it is we who shout, honk, drill and saw without taking this globe and each other into account.

The noise of the world first crept under my skin when I went for a walk with newborn I. in the carrier bag. It was usually the only method of getting my daughter to sleep for a few hours during the day, so I used to get out and about a lot. Those walks were not really restful. Hosting from rebuild to rebuild, I rushed away from every car door slammed shut, tried to avoid loudly ringing passers-by, cringed at every moped I heard coming in the distance, and crossed the street at… another renovation. I thought at the time that early motherhood was making my antennae a bit upset, that I was exaggerating. Now that I. has finally decided to nap in her bed during the day, I notice that I am still annoyed by all the loud noises while walking.

“Everything has to go fast. And whoever goes fast makes a lot of noise”

Everything has to go fast. I think that would be the main explanation. And whoever goes fast makes a lot of noise. Quickly pick up a package at the post? With one blow that car door flames shut. A quick phone call to the insurance company? We combine that with our bike ride home from work, shouting loudly to get out about… another renovation. Quickly water grandmother’s plants while she’s in the hospital? We sprint up the stairs with loud footsteps and let the heavy wooden door slacken behind us. Quickly to the car to start the engine too, because we should have been somewhere else already. Quickly answer a few emails? We bang on our keyboard as if it will give us a faster answer.

It must be the fatigue of early motherhood that made me rediscover my love for peace and simplicity, so that I can’t seem to get that speed and can’t find the silence. Now that I. is stepping, the trip to the bakery and again is slower than ever and I enjoy every second of her dawdling. Stop at each fallen autumn leaf, pick up the leaf and cram it into my hand. Every step at every door is tested extensively, every dog ​​is identified and when the church rings its bells, we stand still until the music is finished. She carefully teaches me to slow down, to take the time for every action and to pay attention again to the sounds I do want to hear: carillons, wind rustling through the leaves of trees, birds chirping. Maybe we should all hang more ‘Please Slow’ posters on our windows again. Not just referring to the speed of the cars. But especially on the speed of ourselves in the world. And then turn our gaze to what’s happening below us, above us, pet a dog and move on.

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