Man injured in accident next to hospital: car turned upside down in roadside and barrier broken

A motorist was injured in a car accident on Groenelaan in Amstelveen this afternoon. The car first broke a barrier at the Amstelland hospital and then ended up on its roof in the bushes along the road.

The accident happened just before 3 p.m. at the Avenue of the Healing Masters, a police spokesperson said. No other road users were involved. It is not yet known how serious the victim’s injuries are.

While waiting for the ambulance, passers-by removed the victim from the car and offered him first aid. He was the only occupant. Photos of the emergency services show that he is being lifted into the ambulance on a stretcher.

It is not known whether the victim was taken next to the adjacent Amstelland hospital or another hospital.

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Motorist injured in Groenelaan Amstelveen accident

Motorist injured in Groenelaan Amstelveen accident

Nothing is known about the cause yet. The police are investigating what exactly happened, taking into account the scenario that the man rammed into the barrier from the parking lot and ended up upside down in the bushes on the other side of the road.

Due to the emergency services and the police investigation, buses have been diverted for some time, the police spokesman said. The hospital is trying to repair the barrier as quickly as possible.

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