Repeat corona in October for people with vulnerable health

Repeat corona in October for people with vulnerable health
Repeat corona in October for people with vulnerable health

As of last week, invitations have been sent to people aged 60 and over. The invitations are sent by RIVM in order from oldest to youngest. The first shots were taken last Monday.

People with vulnerable health under the age of 60

People with a medical indication, including the flu shot group, will receive an invitation from the beginning of October. They are invited through the GP. Agreements have been made with the general practitioners about who to invite. If you qualify for the flu shot, but have not received an invitation in the first half of October, please contact your doctor.

Everyone monitors execution

Everyone, together with the Patient Federation and other organizations and action groups, has always drawn attention to people with vulnerable health. The so-called flu shot plus group was not properly included in previous vaccination rounds. We have fought hard to ensure that the people from this group receive an invitation in time. Due to their fragile health, they run a greater risk of health damage in the event of a corona infection than people without a medical indication. We are pleased that people from the flu shot group are better included in this round. We are counting on a good implementation and will continue to follow it.

Healthcare providers

In the coming weeks, care providers with direct patient and client contact will also be invited. Such as: staff in hospitals, rehabilitation care, general practice, GP posts, ambulance, independent clinics, maternity care, institutions for elderly care and care for the visually, hearing, physically and mentally handicapped.

Staff in small-scale housing, mental health care (including tbs clinics) and mental health crisis service, Wmo care (domestic help, meal support, daytime activities and social care), district nursing and DJI (Department of Judicial Institutions) are also invited. Care providers receive the invitation from their employer.

Inviting care providers of people with a personal budget (PGB) is done via Solopartners. See information from Per Saldo about PGB care providers.

Caregivers and people without medical risk

Informal carers do not receive a personal invitation with priority. The national government has decided to do this because it cannot be selected as a separate group. As soon as the medical risk groups have had the opportunity to get a repeat shot, carers can make an appointment for a repeat shot at the same time as all other 12 to 60-year-olds on their own initiative.

It is expected that all groups that are personally invited can be vaccinated within six weeks. This means that from the beginning of November 12 to 60-year-olds without medical risk can make their own vaccination appointment.

Renewed vaccine

The repeat shot is given with renewed mRNA vaccines from BioNTech/Pfizer and Moderna. These protect against more variants of the coronavirus, such as the omikron variant.

flu shot

The flu shot is taken later than the repeat shots against corona. In addition, the flu shot is taken by the general practitioner and the repeat shot for corona at the GGD.

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