Johan Derksen talks about liquidation Thierry Baudet

Johan Derksen talks about liquidation Thierry Baudet
Johan Derksen talks about liquidation Thierry Baudet

It was a pretty turbulent day yesterday. MP Thierry Baudet claimed during the debate about the Budget Day plans that Minister Sigrid Kaag attended a spy school, after which the minister and the rest of the cabinet walked away angrily. It also resulted in another riot around Johan Derksen.

Baudet’s speech, unsurprisingly, made a lot of noise. Also in Today Inside the incident was discussed. Johan Derksen did not mince his words. He rarely does, but this time he said something very remarkable.

Johan Derksen makes a remarkable statement

Presenter Wilfred Genee asks Derksen what he thought of the cabinet running away. „A result of that madman I watched last night at Unheard of Netherlands”, replies Derksen, referring to Baudet. “But then you take him very seriously. You can also take the floor away from him and say: ‘John, will you stand in the corner for a while?’” When Genee asks if he had stayed put, Derksen says: “Yeah, but they just have to liquidate that guy.” To this, Genee jokes: “Can this still be cut out? He didn’t say this.” Derksen nuances his comment on this, because he meant elimination. Wilfred knows very well what I mean. But that’s nice TV. They should kick him out of that Chamber for continued misconduct.”

Later in the broadcast, the gentlemen make another attempt to correct the comment. “I think it’s very clear. You slipped up,” Genee says. Derksen: “Yes, but that is the moral of today. It is then immediately misused. I meant eliminate and I said liquidate.”

Thierry Baudet is going to report

Both Thierry Baudet himself and the Twitter account of Forum for Democracy shared the fragment and showed their indignation. The party says it is preparing a declaration. „Johan Derksen calls on live television for the liquidation (!) of Thierry Baudet. Presenter Wilfred Genee lobserve cheerfully. This cannot and should not remain without consequences. Forum for Democracy prepare a report.”

You can watch last night’s episode of Today Inside via KIJK.

Sigrid Kaag tells why she ran away from Thierry Baudet’s speech

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Johan Derksen talks about liquidating Thierry Baudet and gets a report on his pants

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