Newcomer Stefano Marzo sees a growing FCV Dender: “We have to make the difference in quality against Dikkelvenne” (Denderleeuw)

Newcomer Stefano Marzo sees a growing FCV Dender: “We have to make the difference in quality against Dikkelvenne” (Denderleeuw)
Newcomer Stefano Marzo sees a growing FCV Dender: “We have to make the difference in quality against Dikkelvenne” (Denderleeuw)

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31-year-old Stefano Marzo wants to become a permanent fixture in the Challenger Pro League together with FCV Dender. — © Johnny De Saedeleer


With Stefano Marzo (31) FCV Dender attracted an extra defender at the last minute. The experienced Lommel thirty-something earned his first stripes against leader Lierse Kempenzonen. At SK Deinze, Marzo replaced Myny at halftime and celebrated the first three-pointer of the season with Dender.

Wim Redant

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Stefano Marzo takes the Lommel-Dender route almost every day, but feels good at his new club, where he is the backup for Mike Smet. “I was a bit higher on Deinze. I can handle multiple positions, including Mike’s. A season lasts a long time and all positions have to be occupied twice,” says the PSV youth player, as he drives home after the second Wednesday training. “Wednesday is the day of heavy physical labor with a double training session. I still live in Lommel, where I put on the shoes for the first time. Once a week I look for a B&B near Denderleeuw to be able to rest enough. Also, I don’t mind commuting. I signed for two seasons and I want to contribute to making Dender a stable club in the Challenger Pro League.”

For the past two seasons, Marzo has been working in Kerkrade in the Netherlands at Roda JC, where he was a fixed value. “I had two wonderful seasons there, at a great tradition club with fantastic fans. Roda JC has a beautiful football complex and has all the trump cards to rise to the Eredivisie again. Unfortunately that didn’t work when I was there and my contract was not renewed. When Dender came up, I had a good chat with coach Regi Van Acker. I was especially convinced by the project that is on the table and would like to cooperate to park Dender in the top six at the end of the season. That may seem far away at the moment, but all teams are still together on a handkerchief. By the way, I was charmed by the enthusiastic following at Dender. In Deinze they stood for a match without a shelter in the pouring rain, but they continued to support us until the last gasp. I thought it was fantastic that we could offer the fans the victory so that they could still get on the bus with a good feeling.”

Upward trend

The cup qualification against second national Dikkelvenne is a must on Saturday. “Dikkelvenne has nothing to lose and is sitting in a seat, but we have to be able to make a difference based on our quality”, Marzo is clear. “There are always surprises to be noted in a cup, but our large field is an extra asset. We are also in an upward trend. It could have turned out differently against Lierse and at Virton we should have grabbed the full loot against ten men after the break. At Deinze it fell into the right fold. Due to the late transfers, the automatisms are not yet ready. We continue to work on the running lines and it is still a bit of learning how best to play the mates, but we are on the right track.”

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