BBC publishes intense sound recordings of pilot crashed Sala

BBC publishes intense sound recordings of pilot crashed Sala
BBC publishes intense sound recordings of pilot crashed Sala

8:12 – New information about the accident of footballer Emiliano Sala has come out. Sound recordings of the pilot surfaced on Wednesday via the BBC from just before the accident. In it he spoke about the instability of the plane with which he had to fly the football player from Nantes to England at that time.

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The pilot would go with Sala to Cardiff City, where the Argentine striker would play football for the local FC. But even before the flight, which would eventually crash and kill both the pilot and Sala, pilot David Ibbotson had serious doubts about the condition of the plane (Piper PA-46 Mailbu). A telephone conversation with a friend has been surfaced by the BBC.

“Normally the life jacket is under my seat, but tomorrow (during the return flight, ed.) I will wear it for the entire journey. That’s for sure”, Ibbotson is said to have said, among other things. “They entrust me to fly with these football players in this dangerous plane.” Because the outward journey was also far from optimal, he noticed that the left brake pedal was not working properly. “This plane has to go back to the hangar,” he had said, among other things.

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The body of pilot Ibbotson was never found on the plane, but according to the investigation of the British Air Accidents Investigation Bureau, carbon monoxide poisoning in the cockpit is the cause of death of the pilot and Sala. The body of the footballer was found in the remains and sound recordings of him also surfaced earlier. He sent audio messages during the flight, stating he was afraid the plane would “fall apart.”

After the accident, David Henderson, the man who authorized Ibbotson to fly the plane, was sentenced to 18 months in prison. The pilot was not authorized to fly the type of aircraft at all. After the fatal crash, the haggling over Sala continues for months. Despite the contracts being signed, Cardiff is refusing to pay 17 million euros for a striker who never arrived in Wales.

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