‘When shot, prices also shot up’

‘When shot, prices also shot up’
‘When shot, prices also shot up’

“We have had a few extreme days here in IJsselmuiden, but it is always a few degrees different with you in the South,” says Matthe Bottenberg on September 13.

“We actually got through that long period of heat and drought quite well. By watering twice and occasionally three times in the week after planting, we got the plants to grow. Once they are rooted outside the press pot, they will continue to grow on our soil with a very high organic matter content.”

Hardly any diseases or pests

The season up to mid-September also went smoothly in terms of diseases and pests. “There was absolutely no question of fungi such as downy mildew, Botrytis or Sclerotinia. At a certain point you did see some thrips damage on the veins of the lower leaves and you can still see that now. But if the heads are heavy enough, it doesn’t matter, just remove that leaf. In terms of quality, we were able to deliver a good product throughout the season.”

Something shot in endive

In his endive, the start of partition formation did occur in a certain planting during the first heat period. “It was still acceptable, because we cut it for a supermarket, but that didn’t cause any problems at all.”

Nice on schedule

On August 18, Bottenberg planted his last lollipops and cos lettuce, the last endive went into the ground on August 11. “In week 40, the season is over for us, in week 41 we will start harvesting chicory again.” Planting went on schedule throughout the season and so did the harvest. “We didn’t have a transition between plantings and we were able to harvest them nicely in sequence.”

Soaring prices

So from a cultivation point of view, things went smoothly, but in terms of sales it was a bit less. “We have quite a bit on contract, so you know what you get. What we have left goes into free trade, but the prices there were very ordinary. Our cutting department did not actually receive any extra demand, so there was always sufficient supply. I think this also has to do with the current varieties that can handle these conditions quite well, as long as you water them. It’s no longer like the old days when everything started shooting up fourteen days after a heat wave and prices also shot up.”

Moderate season

Looking back on the season, Bottenberg is moderately satisfied. “With a price level before the current crisis, but with significantly increased costs, it’s just so-so. We got through the season unscathed, but it’s certainly nothing to write home about.”

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