“I choose him in my team”

“I choose him in my team”
“I choose him in my team”

Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are entering their final years as professional footballers. The two no longer reach the level of roughly 10 years ago, but are still very good players. Kevin De Bruyne spoke about them.

The SportsBIBLE spoke to De Bruyne and he indicated who he would like as a teammate. “Then I choose Cristiano Ronaldo, because he is a real attacker. Lionel Messi is more of a playmaker. I am also a playmaker, so give me a real attacker,” the Red Devil replied.

Tony Cascarino was recently very enthusiastic about De Bruyne. “He is now the Lionel Messi that Pep Guardiola had at FC Barcelona, ​​but at Manchester City.” Nice words. De Bruyne and Messi are already in good shape this season.

De Bruyne started the season with 1 goal and 8 assists in 10 games, even if not yet at his best level. With the arrival of Erling Haaland, his assists will probably be very high this season. With the Norwegian he has a real killer walking around. Messi has also completely found his niche at PSG. The 35-year-old Argentinian is also doing very well with 6 goals and 8 assists in 11 games and he seems to be getting his well-known statistics again this season. The 37-year-old Ronaldo is having a bit more trouble at Manchester United. He pushed for a departure, but it never happened. As a result, he is currently not a fixed value and with 1 goal in 8 matches (378 minutes) his start is more difficult.

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