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In the past period, a huge number of votes have already come in and we still have one day to go. Tomorrow the time has finally come: the announcement of the Festival Acts Top 100 of 2022. Who will be crowned, is anything but a done race. So if you haven’t voted for your favorite artists yet, do so now!

Yes, Festileaks is again looking for the best festival acts of the year.
The public determines the top 100 and therefore also the winner. And the audience, that’s you!
The ballot boxes are open, so you can now cast your vote.

To satisfy your hunger or maybe just inspire you at the last minute, today we check out the winners from previous years.

Photo: Kamiel Scholten / Festileaks

2014: Arcade Fire

It was the legendary year in which The Rolling Stones played Pinkpop. However, these men took off with silver in the FAT100. The gold went to the headliner of the (then) 3FM stage: Arcade Fire. The band was the most frequent number one and scored the most points. In addition to Pinkpop, Arcade Fire also completely blew the Glastonbury meadow.

Photo: Ben Houdijk

2015: Museum

Where it was still exciting in the upper regions in 2014, this year there was a convincing winner. Muse was in the top 5 with over 40% of voters, occupying the number one position 45 times. The band also proved to impress the festival audience enough without drones, and did so at Pinkpop, Rock Werchter and Lollapalooza Berlin, among others.

Photo: Kamiel Scholten/Festileaks

2016: The State

The battle for the title remained tense until the last moment. While Muse still claimed the title by far in 2015, De Staat could only just keep away from Rammstein (2nd) and Muse (3rd) this year. The difference with the numbers two and three was only a few dozen votes. The difference also remained small with Red Hot Chili Peppers (4th) and Editors (5th). It was an exciting battle with a Dutch winner in the end.

Photo: Cambria Harkey/Lollapalooza 2016

2017: Radiohead

Also in 2017 there was a lot of last-minute shifting in the top of the list. In total, no less than 11,006 votes were received this year. Radiohead won the title by just a few votes. The band around frontman Thom Yorke was in almost 30% of the top lists. With this, the group narrowly beat Arcade Fire (2nd) and Foo Fighters (3rd).

Photo credit: Femke Valks / Festileaks

2018: Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam really pulls out all the stops to make their festival shows an unforgettable passage. The men played Pinkpop and Rock Werchter this year. A solid rock act that’s been around for 28 years: apparently you couldn’t get enough. The band was mentioned in almost 31% of the top lists and is clearly the festival king of 2018!

BKS 2018

BKS 2018

Photo: Kamiel Scholten (Best Kept Secret 2018)

2019: The National

A record: 13,131 votes were received in 2019. Most of these were for The National. They surpassed themselves this year. Whether for a select audience of enthusiasts at Sziget, for a packed Bravo at Lowlands or during a unique fan-curated set at Pukkelpop. With songs from the recently released album I Am Easy To Find and an additional female singer played the band at war strength. It has been raining rave reviews all summer, but now also that deserved crown: The National is the Festival act of 2019.



Photo: Kamiel Scholten / Festileaks

2020: Museum

A year without festivals, but not without FAT100. Due to a lack of live performances, we held an extra large election, in which we went in search of the Best Festival Act of All Times. And the winner was… Muse. In addition to the Best Festival Act of 2015, the men could now also call themselves the Best Festival Act of All Times. This was of course not without reason. Muse always knows how to amaze with great shows: don’t be surprised if drones suddenly fly over your head or a gigantic explosion takes place in the middle of the field. Add to that the numerous timeless festival anthems such as ‘Plug in Baby’, ‘Psycho’, ‘Uprising’ and closing track ‘Knights of Cydonia’ and a fantastic performance is a guarantee. We can therefore not wait for their show at Rock Werchter in 2023.

Photo: Alexander Popelier

2021: The State

Another year that we would like to forget as soon as possible. Although this also led to a nice spin-off of the Festival Acts Top 100: the Low Countries edition. Who became the best act in the Netherlands and Belgium? Also this year an old acquaintance of the FAT100 won. The State again ran off with a title. It was a convincing win, well ahead of the rest of the list.

Who will be next in line? Our Festival Forum already made a prediction about the winner. Tomorrow we will know for sure!

Vote now for your favorite act of 2022 for the Festival Acts Top 100!

The leaves are falling from the trees, the last white wash has been turned. The 2022 festival season is over. Time for the final bill! After two meager years of live music, we finally close again with a regular Festival Acts Top 100. In this we go in search of the best festival act of this year. What do you think were the coolest festival acts of 2022? What are you waiting for? Quickly go to that voting page and vote!

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